Minutes – Feb 2023

*Meeting called to order on 2/7/23, 7:30pm at Ken’s Keyboard by Eric.

Secretary’s report: 

  • January and all past month meeting minutes are posted on webpage.  Approved.

Treasurer’s report:

  • Approved as read by Frank. 
  • Income from memberships, expenses from raffle license and Safari club dinner.


  • Safari write up and pictures are on the webpage.
  • Jacque Bonneprise to work with Eric and others to redirect ownership of Club Facebook page.  Ultimately the web page and Facebook page will contain the same current information.

Council Report:

  • New County website is up and running.  Polkcountysnowmobileatv.com
  • AWSC quarterly Directors meeting was held in Siren 1/6-8/23.  There were many positive comments on the Polk and Burnett trail conditions. 
  • Groomer Banquet to be held 3/30/23.
  • AWSC Spring Directors meeting to be held in Green Bay
  • With abundant snow this season groomers should be running as much as possible.  The county is in supplemental grooming allowance this year. 
  • There will be new county maps next year.
  • Polk County to start GPS location markers on rail trails.
  • Rec Officer has been out on the trails this season.  Currently no major Stower trail issues reported and few complaints.
  • Per Doug from council meeting Polk Co trails will not be closing until further notice.  St. Croix closed for a few days last week.  With the good base we will try to run the trails while we have snow rather than attempt to save in case we get snow later. 

Trail Bosses Report

  • Groomer was in attendance at the meeting…Thanks Doug!
  • Cedar lake has been staked.
  • Doug put up ribbon along area that a tree that was run over at corner of M & K.  Frank has been trying to contact owner to pay for replacement but no answer.

KAOS Youth Club:

  • Next meeting one week after ours 2/14 at McKenzie Lanes, Centuria.

Old Business:

  • Club meat raffle to be held on Friday 2/10 6pm at Potsie’s during Busch lite challenge weekend.  Angel will get meat and all other items for set up but needs someone to run that night.  Pissy can announce.  Susie, Ricky, Julie, Steve, Charlie and Cyndi have volunteered to help sell tickets etc.
  • Club apparel no update Mark Jessen working on this?

New Business:

  • Frank is asking for help from trail bosses or anyone with landowner knowledge to start the approval work for an east/west trail near the county line from north of Cedar Lake to Hwy 46/Amery and also potentially to hook up with St Croix county.  This area is a dead spot for trails mostly due to a lot of US Waterfowl landlocking. Frank/Doug/Bob Knutson to take this proposal to Council this week.
  • Kurt brought up discussion on using some of our funds along with fundraising to build a new Club warming shed. Several newer warming sheds exist in the county with protected fire pits and cement floors. Many supported this and a committee will be formed to move forward. 
  • Frank will revisit our tax status as we are currently unable to take monetary donations.  This change would be beneficial if we were to move forward with a new shelter build. 

Trip Committee:

  • Safari 2023 was a success with over 40 participants.  Snow and trails were good especially as we got closer to weekend and constant grooming.  Frank has booked the hotel and party room for 2024 Safari.

Social Committee:

  • Club Shelter Ride 2/25/23. 
  • Amery’s vintage sled and shelter ride is also on this date and we will have an option for a club ride with the Amery Club that day.  Also Chris and Kate Shermach will be hosting a ride stop on their property adjacent to the Stower trail on that day as well.  Times and location to be sent out via Club email closer to the date.
  • Landowners Banquet date 5/7/2023 at UW Wanderoos.  Donna to head up this year.  Please contact her if you would like to help.

Next Meeting: March 7, 2023 at Potsie’s at 7:30pm

*Motion to adjourn passed at 8:08pm


Officers: President: Eric Hallen (2023),Vice President: David Johnson (2024), Secretary: Cyndi Sommerfeldt (2023), Treasurer: Frank Sommerfeldt (2024)

Board of Directors: Rhett Larson (2023), Jason Raska (2023), Chris Keezer (2024), Austin Mueller (2024)

Trail Bosses: West: Brad McGuiggan & Jason Raska, East: Scott Carlson, Dresser West: Arik Mahler, Dresser East: Kevin McNutt, Stower Trail: Jeff Jonas & Rick LeRoux

Council Reps: Eric Hallen, Brad McGuiggan


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