Snowmobile Safety Class

Any person who is at least 12 years old and who is born on or after January 1, 1985 is required to possess a valid Snowmobile Safety Certificate in order to operate a snowmobile in most areas. In October, the Osceola Valley Sno-Goers sponsored a snowmobile safety class for 26 students. The students learned about snowmobile safety,Continue reading “Snowmobile Safety Class”

Julie & Ricky McGuiggan – Thank You!

The club wants to acknowledge Julie and Ricky for their decades of dedicated service to the club. Amongst many other contributions, Julie has lead the Landowner Appreciation Brunches and the Osceola High School scholarships awards. Rick has been key in maintaining our landowner relationship and being the groomer boss for many years. The Club thankedContinue reading “Julie & Ricky McGuiggan – Thank You!”

Sherri Hoiby – Thank You!

After a decade of dedicated service to the club, Sherri Hoiby has handed over the reins of the Treasurer’s position. The Club thanked Sherri for all her years of service by presenting her with a certificate of appreciation and a gift. Our president, Eric Hallen, presented Sherri with her plaque and gift at the AprilContinue reading “Sherri Hoiby – Thank You!”

Respect Trail Closures & Stay on Trails!

It’s so exciting when we get our first snow of the year. It’s a good time to review what riding is allowed when our trails are closed and when our trails are open: How to determine if the trails are open or closed – Simply check the State’s Snow Report Website: When trails areContinue reading “Respect Trail Closures & Stay on Trails!”

The Hard Truth About off Trail Riding

THE HARD TRUTH ABOUT OFF-TRAIL RIDING By: Mark Lester, Photo By: Mike Lester 3/15/2019 It looks like snocross racing has been supplanted as the identity of choice by the image of the deep snow freerider. Iconic names like Haikonen, Morgan and Hibbert for two decades have given way to powder slaying, cornice jumping images ofContinue reading “The Hard Truth About off Trail Riding”