Meeting Minutes – Nov 2015


President: Eric Hallen (2017) Vice President: Al Schoenborn(2016)

 Secretary: Stephanie Harling (2017), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2016)

Board of Directors:  Rick McGuiggan(2017), Charlie Greener,  Jeff Jonas (2016)  Jason Raska (2016)

Trail Bosses:  West Gordy Jones (2015), Kirk Larson (2015), Dresser trail: Ken Meyer (2017)

Council Reps:  Greg Swanson, Ken Meyer   (Alternates:  Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)


The November 4th, 2015 Meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen

The Secretaries Report was read and approved by Eric

The Treasures’ Report was Read and approved.

The Council Report: Greg Swanson said that at the last council meeting there was a lot of talk as to how to take care of the rail road beds, as far as mowing, brushing, and logging.  The Cat Tail Trail had a lot of gravel put on it, and it is more like a gravel road now. They want to put a hump in the middle so the water runs away, and they have to figure out how to grade it to make that work.  Ken said that some of the tractors are getting painted.  The bridgework is done, and the council needs all the information on the work that was done to the bridge.  Gordy needs to get a sign list to Greg.  There was some   discussion on if we need more posts.    It was also brought up about the Chippewa hunting at night until Jan 1st.  All the tractors and drags are ready to go and be picked up.

Youth Club:  Kevin McNutt said the next  Youth meeting is the second Monday of the month.  They are trying to get more kids involved.  They were present for the youth snowmobile safety training, and will also be helping with trail signing.

Trail Boss:  Gordy said that Trail signing will be on Sat Nov 14th.  Please check with Landowners before going on their land and let them know what you are doing.  Please remember to turn in your time to the trail boss. Kirk said if you know anyone that is not yet assigned  a section of trail to contact him, and he will assign you  a section or mile of trail.  Rick went thru the whole trail and a couple of places have trees down in Nate’s section.  There is lots of water.  Watch with pickups, best to send the atv’s in first.  For all new members, you can meet at Sue’s at 8:00 on Sat Nov 14th, and you will be shown how to sign, and assigned to someone to work with for the day.

Old Business:  Scott Tinney thanked the snowmobile club for helping with the Truck Pull and at the Fair. The Osceola Fair is looking for donations towards a new building.  On Dec 5th (?) there is a vintage snowmobile day at Pottings and asked if the club could help out.  Eric will talk to Paul from the leather shop as to what we can do to help.

New Business: The board of directors met and made up the 2016 budget.  We are going to increase the rainy day fund and then leave it so it is constant.  The money from the maps is going to stay with the businesses that sold them. The landowner’s dinner budget stayed the same.  They increased the signs and repair and fencing. Motion was made and seconded to approve the 2016 budget.   Perhaps we can donate towards the fair Building, this was tabled.

The Amery Club is donating $350 towards the Wandroos Benefit to be held on Nov 19th with the proceeds going to the Osceola Valley Sno-Goers and the Amery Snowmobile club.  A motion was made and approved to donate up to $300 towards the event.  Julie McGuiggan volunteered to contact Tammi Lyon the owner of Wandroos to see what they wanted for gifts.  A thank you to Rick LeRoux who already donated a chain saw for this event.   They are also raffling off  guns, a cross bow, and $1000.00 cash. It begins at 6:00 pm on Thurs Nov 19th at Wandroos.  They have also asked us to donate baked sale items for that night.  They are a huge hit for the deer hunters.

A motion was made and seconded to approve that the Osceola Sno- Goers pay for the first year membership dues and for the safety class; however, the parents must come to the first meeting of the safety class.  The cost for the youth for the AWSC is $6.00 part youth, and $10 per student.  Last year they had 15 kids at the class.

The coat and food drive went well.  Eric brought them to the Osceola Open Cupboard and Roseanne Anderson said that it was the perfect time, as she was running out of coats.  Thanks to all that participated in this drive.

A big thank you to Stephanie Harling to step up and take over the Secretary position.  We also forgot at the last meeting to appoint new board of directors, so Rick McGuiggan, and Charlie Greener, and Jeff Jonas were elected to serve on the board of directors, to fill Kevin McNutts position and Scott and Frank were up also.

Erick want start a mentorship for the President, Secretary, and Treasurers positions, so that they have a better understanding of what the job entails before handing over the job.

Tammy Elefson Sorenson from the Amery Snowmobile club is donating $100 to Steve Wente to use for expenses while he is at Rochester being treated for Leukemia.  The Osceola Club also decided to donate $200 towards a visa card that they can use towards housing, groceries, or food while they are down there.  Julie will take care of getting this to them.

The AWSC convention went well.  Eric attended the meeting.  Bailey Hallen ran for Miss Snowflake, but did not get it, but plans on running again next year.   Eric said to make sure that you check for the expiration on the yellow membership card.  If it is expired you won’t get the discounted AWSC sticker.  Your snowmobile registration has to be up to date also.   You can go onto the AWSC website and it will cost you a $2.00 convenience fee to get the discounted trail pass.

There is going to be a military ride in Eagle River that takes the military and their families out for a snowmobile trail ride. Eric asked that the club donate towards this great cause.  A motion made and seconded that the club donate $200 towards this cause.  Eric will make sure that they get this.

We welcomed all new members, and let them know that the decals and postcards with the meeting dates and places were available.

The overnighter will be held either at Danbury, or at Turtle Lake.  No date is set yet.

The Safari will be at Solon Springs

Talk about doing an appreciation party for club, we haven’t done one in years.  We also need to send out a new committee sheet, for everyone to sign up for again for the New Year.

With no more things to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

The Next meeting will be on Dec 1st at Woodhill at 7:30 pm


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