Meeting Minutes — October, 2015



Board of Directors:  Scott Ringlien (2015), Frank Sommerfeldt (2015), Kevin McNutt (2016)  Jason Raska (2016)

President: Eric Hallen (2017)

Vice President: Al Schoenborn(2016)

Secretary:  OPEN (2017)

Treasurer:  Sheri Hoiby (2016)

Trail Boss West Gordy Jones (2015), Kirk Larson (2015),

Dresser trail: Ken Meyer (2017)

Council Reps:  Greg Swanson, Ken Meyer

(Alternates: Ken Meyer, Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)

The October 6, 2015 meeting was brought to order by President Eric Hallen

The secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Treasurer also reported that total dollars made at the fair was $8375.09, which $1774.73 of these funds needs to be paid to the fair board.

Council Report:

Greg Swanson reported that their last meeting was on 09/10.  The Cat Tail trail has been logged and mowed by the county 10 feet on each side of the trail.  The county will maintain mowing.  The council is seeking approval to do the Gandy Dancer trail next.  If this is approved it will be logged in 5 mile sections. Doug Kromrey has resigned as our council and AWSC Rep. Ken Meyer has volunteered to rep. for the Polk County Council.  Thank you Doug for doing this for many years!! Thank you Ken for volunteering to take his place.

Youth Club:

Next meeting is Tuesday October 13, at McKenzie Lanes at 7:00 p.m.

Trail Bosses:

Trail opening day is tentatively scheduled for November 7th or November 14th.  The date will be confirmed at the November meeting. Ken Meyer has volunteered to take over as trail boss Kevin McNutt for the trail that goes from Cemstone to Interstate part and from Dresser to Wandroos.  Kevin has accepted a job overseas.  Thank you Kevin for all the work you have done and thank you Ken for volunteering to take over as trail boss.

Trail bosses:

Gordy – 715-294-4189, Kirk – 612-709-8012, or Ken – 715-222-8493

Old Business:

Everyone commented that the fair went well. President Eric thanked the Fair Committee for all their work for all the planning that goes into the fair, and thanked everyone who worked at the fair.

New Business:

Treasurer Sheri has everyone’s AWSC cards.  If you haven’t gotten your card yet please get a hold of Sheri.  You will need your membership number to get your trail pass at a reduced rate.  Your membership number is also on the printed address label on your AWSC Magazine. Sheri also has the post cards printed for the 2015/2016 meeting and event schedule.

Bailee Hallen is running for Miss Snowflake (AWSC Rep).  A motion was made and carried that OSVG will be her official sponsor for this event.  Current expenses are for her application and sash.  We will get additional information on expenses by the November meeting so these expenses can be included in the budget.

Club member Heidi Schrock’s mother has passed away.  The club will send flowers.

The AWSC fall workshop is scheduled for October 30 – November 1st. The club does reimburse members for some expenses if they are interested going.  All the information concerning the workshop can be found on the AWSC website.

Welcome new member Steve Ard

Social committee had nothing to report

Trip committee overnighter will either be to Danbury or Turtle Lake.  The safari will be planned for Solon Springs, nothing has been scheduled at this time.

Landowner’s dinner committee: nothing to report

Nominating committee – Needs volunteers for Secretary and President.

Next meeting November 3rd, 2015 7:30 p.m. at Sue’s Bar & Grill


No one has volunteered for either the President or Secretary positions. Eric Hallen has volunteered to keep the position as President.  Thank you Eric.  Suzanne Wente is not willing to keep her position as secretary.  Eric will take and distribute meeting notes until someone offers to take the position.  Suzanne Wente will continue to send meeting reminders when she is able.  Eric thanked Suzanne for her work as secretary the past four years.

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