Meeting Minutes — Sept 2015


Board of Directors:  Scott Ringlien (2015), Frank Sommerfeldt (2015), Kevin McNutt (2016)  Jason Raska (2016)

President: Eric Hallen (2015)

Vice President: Al Schoenborn(2016)

Secretary:  Suzanne Wente (2015)

Treasurer:  Sheri Hoiby (2016)

Trail Boss West Gordy Jones (2015), Kirk Larson (2015),

Dresser trail: Kevin McNutt (2015)

Council Reps:  Doug Kromrey, Greg Swanson

(Alternates: Dave Peterson, Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)

The September 8, 2015 meeting was brought to order by President Eric Hallen

The secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Council Report:

Next meeting from the summer break is 09/10.  The council will not be doing new maps this year as new ones were made for the 2014-2015 season.  Doug and Duane will get the groomer to drive in the parade for the Polk County Council.  Eric has the banner for the groomer.

Youth Club:

Next meeting is Monday 09/14.  The meeting will be held at the fair booth to help with the tear down and clean up from the fair

Trail Bosses:

Need someone to take over the trail from Kevin McNutt.  Kevin is trail boss for the trail that goes from Cemstone to Interstate part and from Dresser to Wandroos.  Kevin has accepted a job overseas.  Thank you Kevin for all the work you have done and good luck on your new adventure!!

Trail bosses:

Gordy – 715-294-4189, Kirk – 612-709-8012, or Kevin – 715-294-1650

Old Business:

Nothing to discuss

New Business:

Open positions for President and Secretary.  We need people to volunteer to take these positions!!  We discussed doing a float in the parade for the OVSG, it was decided that we will put one of our banners on the youth club float and donate $250.00 to the youth club for candy.

We need additional help for most shifts on Saturday for the fair.  Secretary to put out the help email on 09/08.  If members want to help to set up fence and barriers for the truck pull meet at the fair on Wednesday September 9th at 5:30.  Rixmann’s have offered to provide ice again this year.  Payment is two cases of Bud lite.

All food is ordered from Dick’s and Barb reported that they have been great to work with.  We have one old charcoal grill that we want to get rid of, it needs new grates if anyone is interested please ask Eric.  Sheri will have the postcards with the meeting schedule printed and available at the fair.  WE will have the explanation of the new trail pass system posted at the fair booth.  Our new food permit is posted.  Doug will take care of the cool guys cooler.  Doug will get a big fan from Scott Carlson.  Sheri will have the money bags ready and deliver them to the fair on Friday afternoon.  Scott Tinney has gotten wristbands for the fair.  

Steve Wente thanked the club for the flowers that were sent to him

Social committee had nothing to report

Trip committee overnighter will either be to Danbury or Turtle Lake.  The safari has not been planned

Landowner’s dinner committee: nothing to report

Nominating committee – Needs to come up with candidates for Secretary and President.  Elections will be at the October meeting.  If anyone is interested please let the nominating committee know.  The committee is the current officers and board of directors.

Next meeting October 6th, 2015 7:30 p.m. at Pottings

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