Meeting Minutes — August 2015

Osceola Valley Sno-Goers meeting was held at Wandroos Bar and Grill.

August 4th, 2015

Brian Hobbs from the Polk County Sanitary Health Dept. started out meeting out and talked to us about licensing requirements and inspections and the food safety prior to us serving for at the Osceola Fair.   The Licensing requirements:

    • Any food service – generally has someone watching out for them. Anytime the Public is invited, or it is an advertised event, it will require a basic food service license. If you are having an event and it is advertised to bring a dish to pass, that is an event that would require a license.
    • These organizations because they belong to a “Charter of the State” they are allowed three events per year. These charters would include 4-H groups, Girls & Boys Club, Civic club, youth sports.
    • Church’s are allowed 3 days where the y can serve the general public with no basic food service  license. But Funerals, Wedding rehearsal dinners, and normally scheduled church fellowships events are do not count in the 3 day limited waiver.
    • Basic Food Safety license is good for a 2 year period of time. Currently there is one offered at the Osceola School and the contact person would be Susan Meyer. It is free and is about 45 minutes long.
    • The permits are $50.00 for 1 event up to 7 consecutive days long. This is for low risk foods only, which are items that are pre-cooked.
    • The permit for $100.00 is for 1 event up to 7 consecutive days long, and if for food that is cooked from a “Raw” state. (This is the one that we are under)
    • We have to have at least one person that has the basic food safety license, and they don’t have to be there every day, as long as they are overseeing the event, to make sure the food safety is being done. Right now Sherri Hoiby and Jr Hoiby have a license and it is good yet for this year. But next year we will have to have someone attend this before the fair, and it should be one of the fair committee people.

For our events this is what we need to know:

  • Pork Chops – cook to 145 degrees – hold hot at 135 degrees
  • Turkey Legs – cook to 165 degrees – hold hot at 135 degrees
  • Hamburgers – cook to 155 degrees – hold at 135 degrees (your hamburgers will be just right if you cook them to this temp. They won’t be hockey pucks)
  • Hot dogs – heat and hold hot at 135 degrees.

ABSOLUTLY NO BARE HAND CONTACT WITH FOOD! They will be watching and the fine is $400.00. The only ones allowed to touch the food without gloves are the people that are taking it from the frozen state and putting it on the grill, as the heat will kill any germs. Everyone else that is handling food must wear gloves.

The norovirus – which is a gastrointestinal virus, will shed in your system for up to 2 weeks in your stools. Even with the best of hygiene, it only takes 2 of the germs to cause the norovirus and will cause you to be sick.

Use room temperature water with chlorine bleach. 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Never mix soap with the bleach mixture.

The Treasurer’s report was tabled to the next meeting as Sherri was gone. Julie said that there was a recent deposit of $100 from the sale of a grill from the Dresser Club that was donated to our club.Doug had a silent moment for the ones that have been ill in our club. He said that the council needs to have those sign orders by April. He went to the summer directors meeting inYouth Group – nothing to report

Trail Bosses: Gordy said that Dennis showed up and showed them where he wanted the new trail, after they had already installed the new gate. He reported that the Art Barn had some snowmobiles that ran over some spruce trees, so the club bought 8 new trees and replanted them. They need to have a meeting with Kevin McNutt, Dale Gunderson, Greg Swanson and someone from the Amery club to discuss the Ulrich’s trail and how to re-route it so that it doesn’t go thru any hayfields. They do not want us on their hayfields at all. That intersection the three clubs all come together on. Plan on scheduling something in Aug or Sept to meet.

Old Business: The President and Secretary’s positions are up in October. Please let the one of the Board Members who is also the nominating committee if you are interested in either of these positions. Suzie Wente for sure does not want to run again.

New Business: Steve Wente is sick and undergoing chemo therapy in Rochester for Leukemia. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Fair & Wheels and Wings:

Nominating committee (board of directors) need to get together and get some nominations for President and Secretary.

Social Committee; Nothing to report

Trip Committee: For the overnighter thinking about going to Turtle Lake instead of Danbury

The postcards need to be done soon. Julie and Sherri will work on this and get them ready for the fair.

De Forrest WI. There was much discussion on the new trail passes. The DNR said that they are still working on the vintage sleds (those 35 years or older) probably won’t need a trail pass, or if they do, it will probably be free. They said that to reach Non Club Members that the social media is your best resource. AWSC has had 4,900 new memberships since this trail pass started. It costs the AWSC $13.40 for each new membership to cover the costs of the trail pass, so it is not profitable for them. If you are in a dealership and they don’t know much about the trail pass, try to inform them if they don’t already know. He asked Frank to see if we can have a link on our website for the new trail pass information.

Council: Greg Swanson thanked everyone for all the well wishes and prayers. He said the next meeting will be in Sept. The council did have a logging outfit that came in and removed a bunch of trees on the cattail trail, but they still need to inspect it.

The Secretaries report was read and approved.

Doug Strain said that he is not going to do the Tractor at Wheels and Wings this year. They are going to charge to park at $10 per head and a $2 surcharge to pick them up at the local establishments such as the bank. Maybe we could put it at the fair and display it?

A fair committee was held at Eric Halleen’s on July 28th, 2015 (see separate notes attached for those meeting notes) the following was discussed

Turkey Legs – are up $2.79 per lb. (up 20 cents per pound)

Pork Chops – actually went down some

Hamburgers – are up 10 cents more per pound

Hot dogs are 10 cents more per pound

Brats – The Abbyland that we got last year, and had complaints that they were so small average about 5 brats per lb. at $3.89. The Wisc Brats are 4 brats per lb. and are $3.89 per lb. Much discussion on what brats to get, as Swanks also have their own brats which are 4 brats per lb. at $3.99 per lb. We will let the fair committee decide. Nate will also check the price of the Louie’s brats from Cumberland, but if we go that route, we will need someone to do the running to get them.

  • We have a sign up sheet up front for the shifts at the Food Stand and the Truck Pull. Please sign up tonight. Julie will have the sign up sheet and mail it out to those who were not here tonight.
  • The Truck Pull will start at 7:00 and he raised the admission to $8.00 and no fair button is required.
  • We need a volunteer to be a runner to go and get ice from Rixmann’s when we need it.

Website:  Frank said the website went live today for the on line membership. You can now pay your membership by credit card or pay pal. When Sherri gets the membership notification, she will need to send this to the AWSC right away. We can not do it any longer where we send it in once a year, it will need to go sooner. Sherri will have to work with AWSC on this.

Wandroos Bar did a raffle for all those present for a $25 gift certificate, and the winner was Duane Wolters. Congratulations, and thank you Wandroos for such a generous donation for us.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Next meeting will be at the Fair stand on Sept 8th (Tues) cleaning at 6:30, meeting to follow at 7:30.

Notes taken by Julie McGuiggan for Suzanne Wente (Secretary)

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