Meeting Minutes — Dec 2014


Board of Directors:  Scott Ringlien (2015), Frank Sommerfeldt (2015),

                                                        Kevin McNutt (2016)  Jason Raska (2016)

President: Eric Hallen (2015)

Vice President: Al Schoenborn(2016)

Secretary:  Suzanne Wente (2015)

Treasurer:  Sheri Hoiby (2016)

Trail Boss West Gordy Jones (2015), Kirk Larson (2015),

Dresser trail: Kevin McNutt (2015)

Council Reps:  Doug Kromrey, Greg Swanson

(Alternates: Dave Peterson, Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)

The December 2nd, 2014 meeting was brought to order by President Eric Hallen

The secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Council Report:

Doug reported that the Groomer Rodeo is scheduled for Saturday December 6th at 10:00 a.m. at the groomers shelter in Balsam Lake.  There is also a vintage snowmobile show on December 6th at Potting’s.  There are six tractors for grooming.  They have all been upgraded with new electronics.  Groomer drivers are encouraged to go as there will be a show and tell on the groomers.  A new bridge is being installed on the Gandy Dancer Trail between Frederic & Lewis where the trail washed out.  January 9th – 11th is the AWSC directors meeting which will be held in Wausau.  If you interested in going the Hotel phone number where the convention is being held is 715-842-1616.  The spring convention is being held at the Abby Resort in Wausau in March.  Additional information can be found on the AWSC website. If any club members are interested in attending either of these events the club reimburses members up to $100.00 to cover hotel costs.  We need to promote commercial memberships for the AWSC throughout the county.  The benefit to the business is advertising in the WSN Magazine. The AWSC sent a report concerning clubs and memberships for Polk County.  There are 14 clubs in Polk County.  The Osceola Valley Sno-Goers has the largest membership roster.

Youth Club:

Andrew reported that the youth club will be serving food at the Groomer Rodeo.  The Youth club helped mark trails on November 15th.  They have Sarah Thorsland memorial T-shirts available for sale, if interested contact Andrew.  They are trying to recruit new members for the youth club if you know of anyone interested 13 and older please pass the word.  The next Youth Club meeting will be held on December 8th at 7:00 p.m. at McKenzie Lanes in Centuria.


Trail Bosses:

Kevin McNutt reported that most of his section of trail is marked with the exception of a few fields that farmers hadn’t cleared yet. If you need landowners signs for your trails contact Gordy.  Bruce reported that we need posts for the trail by the old Augie’s, the trail to get to old Augie’s will be going through Osceola Auto Sales. Ricky has set up a brushing day for Wednesday December 3rd to brush the trail between Dresser from Peace Lutheran Church to County Road S.  Meet at Roger’s at noon on the 3rd.  The Polaris Rider X GPS App should be available soon to download trail maps on your smart phone.  Kirk reported that all is good on his section of trail.  Gordy thanked everyone who helped with the bridge replacement work.  His trails are marked and previous changes that were discussed were made as planned. Ron Rixmann would like a gate on his land were the new culvert was put in.  Please make sure you turn in any hours worked on the trails get turned into the trail bosses.

Gordy – 715-294-4189, Kirk – 612-709-8012, or Kevin – 715-294-1650

Old Business:

Club dues are due by January 1st. The new membership/renewal form is sent with the December newsletter. This form can also be found on our Facebook page or our website.

New Business:

Eric thanked everyone for working on marking the trails on November 15th.

Resolution and mission statement was approved by the Board of Directors.

The organizer of the antique show being held at Potting’s on December 6th spoke to our club, he thanked us for our support and offered a suggestion that the club my consider purchasing a vintage sled to raffle.

The various committee sign-up sheet was sent around for members to join a committee.

The Polk County Youth Club will be publishing a Thank You recognizing all Polk County landowners in the yellow paper.

Suggestion was made that our club do the same for our local landowners in the local paper.

Some of or trail signs are missing blazers on the back of them.  Doug is going to try to get the reflective stickers to club members so if you see one missing please take the time to stop and put one on.

New trail maps will be available by the next meeting.

Scott Tinney thanked our club on behalf of the Osceola Community Fair for all the help and hard work we do at the fair.  The club thanked Barb Durand for all the organization she puts into the fair.  Barb thanked everyone for all of their help. Ricky thanked Scott Tinney for all the hard work he puts into setting up and running the truck pull.

Trip Committee has scheduled the safari for January 23rd & 24th.  Rooms are booked at the St. Croix Inn in Solon Springs, WI.  Room rates are $92.50 for lake side rooms or $82.50 for road side.  All rooms blocked for us have two double beds.  We have 10 rooms blocked under the Osceola Valley Sno-Goers.

The overnighter ride is not scheduled yet.

The social committee needs to set a date for the ride and party at the shelter.

Fair committee and Landowner’s dinner committee had nothing to report.

Next club meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. on January 6th, 2015 at Sue’s Bar and Grill.

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