Meeting Minutes — Aug 2014


Board of Directors: Scott Ringlien (2015), Frank Sommerfeldt (2015),

Dick Couch (2014) Bruce Johnson (2014)

President: Eric Hallen (2015)

Vice President: Al Schoenborn(2014)

Secretary: Suzanne Wente (2015)

Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2014)

Trail Boss West Gordy Jones (2015), Kirk Larson (2015),

Dresser trail: Kevin McNutt (2015)

Council Reps: Doug Kromrey, Greg Swanson

(Alternates: Dave Peterson, Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)

The August 5th, 2014 meeting was brought to order by President Eric Hallen

The secretary’s report was read and approved. Treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Council Report:

Doug Kromrey attended the summer directors meeting. Information was provided on the new Wisconsin trail pass information. There will be registration changes on all sleds. All sleds will require a trial pass. This will run for a four year trail period. Club members and AWSC members will pay $10.00 for a trail pass. Non-members will pay $30.00 this is in addition to your snowmobile registration. Non-residents of Wisconsin will pay $50.00 for trail passes. Wisconsin sled registration will be $30.00 for three years. More information to follow. Commercial accounts for AWSC need to be pushed. Commercial accounts will only be good for the business owner’s membership to get the reduced price on the trail pass.

Fat tire bikes are legal on railroad beds. Also some landowners do support them on the trails and their land. We need to be respectful when/if you come across a fat tire bike on any trail.

Doug Johnson (former AWSC president from Amery) is working with Polk County to get the Amery – Dresser trail opened to snowmobiles. There is a potential that the trail could be permanently closed in the future for frac sand mining.

October 20th, 21st and 23rd has been scheduled for snowmobile safety class. It will be held at the Osceola High School from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. for all three nights. A parent or guardian must attend with the student on the first night for the first 20 minutes of class this year.

Greg reported that the new tractors are in, tires will need to be changed. Work day for this to be determined.

The Youth Club:

Nothing to report.

Trail Bosses:

Gordy Jones reported that he measured the bridge and to replace it the materials that are needed are 58 boards 2” x 10” by 12’. The bridge is 48 ‘ long and we will need 464 bolts. Gordy can get belting at no cost. Gordy will get an estimate for all materials so it can be presented to the county council. The county council has already approved to replace the bridge. Gordy also reported that wood needs to be cut for the shelter. Work day to be determined.

Kirk Larson reported that Scott Hanson is building a house on County Rd. X and we will need to move the trail. There is a house on County Rd. K that is for sale. We may need to change the trail when the house sells.

Ricky McGuiggan reported changing the trail to Potting’s that it will be moved away from the fence line. We will also be changing the trial on Wurst’s land to avoid the areas where we get excessive drifting. Ricky has received permission from the landowners for these changes.

The County Council has agreed to pay for the culvert replacement and aprons on Rixmann’s land. Roger Peterson will re-bid the work.

Doug Kromrey checked with landowner to change the trail outside of Dresser the Jerry Grundhoefer memorial rail where we cross the steep ditch. The landowner will not allow us to move the trail.

Old Business:

Tanner thanked the club for the scholarship.

We need volunteers for all committees.

Trip committee had nothing to report.

Social committee wants to plan a meat raffle in September or October

New Business:

Fair committee is Nate Gustafson, Barb Durand, Doug and Teri Kromrey, Duane Wolters and Sheri Hoiby. The fair committee would like more help in planning or additional members on the committee. They would like people to volunteer to help in running so the committee doesn’t have to spend the whole week-end at the fair. They would like to delegate running duties and picking up supplies and additional help setting up.

The Fair Committee will be meeting on Thursday August 21st at 6:30 p.m. at the fair booth. Any members can attend.

Jason Raska has given us a price of $300.00 for the tent. We will purchase the tent and charge the Rod & Gun Club rent. They have agreed to help us set it up and take it down.

Eric Hallen has the contract from the fair board. He will sign and return.

Roger Peterson is not available to pull the float in the parade this year. If anyone is interested in taking care of this please contact Roger or Eric Hallen.

We need a new grill for the fair this year. Motion was made and carried that Gordy will purchase a new grill. Cost to not exceed $500.00.

The nominating committee consists of board members and current officers. We need to start thinking of nominees for the positions of Vice President, Treasurer and two new Board of Directors for the fall 2014 vote. If anyone is interested in any of these positions please let any committee member know.

We need volunteers on the following committees:

Fair Committee, Trip Committee, Social Committee, Landowner’s Dinner Committee

Please sign up for one of these committees we need all the help we can get!!

Meeting was adjourned.

Our Next Meeting will be on Tues. September 2nd at the Fair booth.

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