2012 November Meeting Minutes


 Meeting date November 6, 2012

Meeting was called to order by President Rick McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Budget for 2013 season was read, motion was made and carried to approve budget as read.


Council Report:


Groomer rodeo will be held December 8th at the groomer shed, at noon.  It will be rescheduled if there is no snow.  The bridge on the Gandy Dancer north of Frederic will be going in.  The DNR will be responsible for the complete cost, the county will not have to pay for the upgrade to cover the weight of the groomer.  The Polk County Council has agreed that the youth club can hold their meetings at the groomer shed.  The youth club has scheduled a ride for February 8th – 10th 2013 to Lakewood, WI.  Doug attended the fall convention and attended workshops by the Dept. of Tourism to promote snowmobiling throughout the state, the workshops also focused heavily on the image of snowmobiler’s .   The Discover Wisconsin video promoting snowmobiling will be airing on television November 24th and 25th and December 18th and 19th.  The times of airing and channels are posted on the Discover Wisconsin website.  Also the club has two copies of the video to borrow, if anyone is interested contact Rick McGuiggan.  The Spring AWSC Convention will be head March 22 – 24th in LaCrosse, WI . The International Snowmobile Convention will be held June 6th – 8th 2013 in Green Bay.  If you are interested in attending either of the conventions please contact Doug.  Doug also requested if we could link our facebook page to our website, Frank will check on this.  Doug also reported that Highway 8 will be adding additional lanes, the project is not scheduled for a few years, but we do need to make sure we keep on top of the project for potential trails that may be affected.  Doug also reported that the Polk County Council will reimburse clubs for their insurance costs.   Andrew Kromrey our youth rep. reported that the youth club held their first meeting and that they will be serving food at the groomer rodeo.  The youth club is doing trail work in the Balsam Lake area on Saturday November 10th.  Their next meeting is December 10th at 6:30 p.m. 

Trail Bosses:

Gordy Jones reported that trail opening is this Saturday November 10th. Check with your landowners if you feel something doesn’t look right.  Keep track of your hours and turn in.  We need to get an easement from the new Church in Dresser.  A couple of our trails will not be able to be signed yet as corn is not down and some cows have to be moved.  If you need extra signs or posts to mark your section of trail Ricky McGuiggan has them.   


Old business:

Roxy Couch has mailed out post cards to landowners to advise them that we will be signing trails.

We have 197 followers on facebook.  Frank has updated the website with all of the current meeting minutes and the meeting schedule.  Frank will also update the website to include information on how to become a member.


Reminder that your club dues are now due, you can pay them at a meeting or contact Sherri Hoiby @ puck.ster@hotmail.com


New Business:

Trip committee has booked the Safari for January 25th & 26th at the Hayward Casino Lodge.  10 rooms are booked, the rate is $69.00 per room with two queen beds.  We have to cancel by January 11th if there is no snow.  If you would like to reserve a room the number is 800-526-2274 reference group #12513, reservations are under Osceola Valley Sno-Goers.  There are more rooms available if we need them.


Eric Hallen updated that he is going to schedule the overnight ride for February and he will book rooms at the Danbury Casino. 


The ride/party at the shelter is planned for Saturday, February 9th.


Wandroos Bar & Grill is holding a gun raffle with all proceeds being donated to our snowmobile club and the Amery club.  They are having a chili feed and the raffle drawing on Thursday November 15th


Motion was made and carried to donate $100.00 to the Open Cupboard food pantry.  Eric will take care of getting this to them and notify the Osceola Sun. 


Duane Wolters reported that there were 20 graduates from the Snowmobile Safety course.  The DNR also presented Duane with a plaque for his 25 years of service for teaching the courses.  Congratulations Duane!!


Jordan Hallen is in charge of our Facebook page.  If you would like to have him add anything he can be contacted via e-mail  Jordan_H_10@hotmail.com


Frank Sommerfeldt is in charge of our website up.  If you would like to share pictures or have anything you want added to the website you can e-mail Frank to submit items, his e-mail address is gmc9643@hotmail.com.  The website looks great. Our website address is www.osceolavalleysnogoers.com.  Check it out!!


Next meeting is December 4, 2012 at Pottings at 7:30. 

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