2012 August Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors:  Scott Carlson (2013), Eric Hallen (2013),
Rick LeRoux (2012)  Julie McGuiggan (2012)
President:  Rick McGuiggan (2013)
Vice President:  Gordy Jones (2012)
Secretaries Suzanne Wente& Roxanne Couch (2013)
Treasurer:  Nathan Gustafson (2012)
Trail Boss West Gordy Jones (2013), Kirk Larson (2013),
Dresser trail: Roger Peterson, Bruce Johnson, Rick Leroux (2012)
Council Reps:  Doug Kromrey, Greg Swanson
 (Alternates: Dave Peterson, Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)

Meeting date August 7, 2012

Meeting was called to order by President Rick McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved. 

Council Report:

Doug Kromrey reported that He and his son Andrew attended the summer convention at Fon Du Lac.  Amery to Dresser trail has gained statewide recognition and some committees are working on getting the wording to the bill that bans us from the trail changed. The CAP/STEP program (reduced registration for snowmobilers that belong to a club) is not dead and will be brought back up later in the year.  Committee’s are formed at the state level to focus on increasing club membership.  Doug also reported that all members should keep eyes and ears open to any upcoming construction project at road crossings that may affect the trail system.  If you see or hear of something please bring it to the club so we can get involved early in the project. Doug also reported that the fall convention is October 26th – 28th 2012 at Stevens Point, if club members are interested in going the club provides $100.00 per family to cover expenses and the Polk County Council will re-imburse club members for their hotel costs.  Also the national convention is scheduled in Green Bay for June 6 – 8th 2013, if anyone wants to plan early.

Andrew Kromrey is one of our PolkCounty youth representatives and he reported that the youth are recruiting hard throughout the county for membership.  They have also applied for a $4000.00 grant to help get the youth clubs up and running.  Andrew will also be soliciting sponsors for the youth clubs.  They are trying to start two youth clubs in PolkCounty one for the north end and one for the south end.  The youth snowmobile club is open to kids 12 – 21 years of age, all members are encouraged to try to get any young snowmobilers involved.  After all they will need to take over for us aging members!!  Andrew will also keep the club informed of any of the youth club functions so we can try to participate and encourage these kids!!

Doug also said that as members please try to remember to carry membership cards with you and hand them out at any chance we can.  Julie & Roxy (Membership Committee) will be getting new cards printed for this season there will be our activities on one side and a meeting calendar on the other, hopefully they will have them for the next meeting.

Trail Bosses:

Arnie reported that there may be a trail change to the Dresser to Wandroos trail, more to follow.  Brian Swanson reported that the land behind Ken’s Keyboard may be sold, if the sale goes through we will need to get a new easement.

Old business:

Keep and eye out for your next (September) issue WSN Magazine, we should have an article published in it and pictures from our landowners dinner.

New Business:

Fair & Heyday’s – Rick LeRoux reported that he will not be able to coordinate a food stand for Heyday’s.  No other members were willing to take it over.  Motion was made and carried that we will not do a food stand at Heyday’s this year.

Sign up sheet for the Osceola Fair and Truck pull were sent around.  The fair committee will be meeting after the August 7th club meeting.  If you haven’t signed up to work at the fair or truck pull yet, please get a hold of a Fair Committee member or any of our club officers.  Scott Tinney will be in charge of the truck pull, he requested that we raise the entrance fee.  Motion was made and carried to raise the entry fee to $7.00 per person.  The Fair Board also notified us that there may be a dodge ball and bean bag tournament held Thursday night September 6th and they would like us to serve food.  Motion was made and carried that if the Rod & Gun Club is selling beer we will serve food.  Brian Swanson will keep in touch with the Rod & Gun Club and report to President Ricky. 

Roger & Nate will take care of the float for the parade and Dwayne Wolters will pull the groomer. 

The snowmobile safety course is scheduled for October 15th, 16th, and 18th at the OsceolaHigh School.  We will put an add in the Osceola Sun, complete info. will be posted in the community ed. Section.


Membership dues are due in September, unless you’ve recently joined and paid. .  Single is $15.00 and family is $20.00.  Contact Nate Gustafson to pay your dues phone 715-755-3824

Jordan Hallen is in charge of our Facebook page.  If you would like to have him add anything he can be contacted via e-mail  Jordan_H_10@hotmail.com

Frank Sommerfeldt has our website up and running.  If you would like to share pictures or have anything you want added to the website you can e-mail Frank to submit items, his e-mail address is gmc9643@hotmail.com.  The website looks great. Our website address is www.osceolavalleysnogoers.com.  Check it out!!

Next meeting September 4, 2012 at the Fair Stand, 6:30 to clean up and 7:30 meeting.

If you haven’t already done so, please volunteer for a committee

Fair Committee: 

Paul & Barb Durand

Nate Gustafson

Duane Wolter

Doug & Terri Kromrey


Truck Pull Booth:

Lee Palmsteen

Tom Hinz

Gordy Jones

Scott Tinney

Rick McGuiggan


Landowner’s Dinner:

Rick & Julie McGuiggan

Dick & Roxy Couch

Steve & Suzy Wente

Lois Grundehoefer


Membership Committee:

Julie McGuiggan

Roxy Couch


Trip Committee:

Doug Kromrey

Scott Carlson

Gordy Jones


Nominating Committee:

Dick Couch

Jim Martinson

Krik Larson


Social Club (club appreciation party, cook out at shelter):

Brian Swanson

Rick & Julie McGuiggan

Gordy Jones


Hayday’s Food Stand:

Rick & Terry LeRoux

Lois Grundehoefer

Eric Hallen




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