Minutes — August 2022

Officers: President: Eric Hallen (2023),Vice President: Jordan Hallen (2022), Secretary: Cyndi Sommerfeldt (2023), Treasurer: Sherri Hoiby (2022)

Board of Directors: Mike Kohn (2022), Kirk Johnson (2022), Rhett Larson (2023), Jason Raska (2023)

Trail Bosses: West: Brad McGuiggan & Jason Raska, East: Scott Carlson, Dresser West: Arik Mahler, Dresser East: Kevin McNutt, Stower Trail: Jeff Jonas & Rick LeRoux

Council Reps: Eric Hallen, Brad McGuiggan


*Meeting called to order on 8/3/22, 7:30pm at Tippy Canoes by Eric. 

Secretary’s report:  

  • Sent out via email following May meeting and posted on webpage.  Approved as read.

Treasurer’s report

  • Approved as read by Frank.  
  • Remember to get your membership in early to avoid the rush in the event of an early trail opening!
  • Starting new accounting fiscal year on July 1 so last year 2021/22 accounting will appear strange due to no fair revenue.  Future years however should make sense and follow the membership year.


  • No new information reported.

Council Report:

  • Eric reported that the county will be transferring our groomer funding of trail 12 to the Stower trail.  This results in an overall gain of 5 miles.  Based on the reoccurring use issues with the Stower trail, the club would like to keep trail 12 open and groomed (Trollhaugen to KAOS shelter) for another year and revisit this on a yearly basis.  

Trail Bosses Report:  

  • Scott reported that we will have 1 alfalfa field claim.  Scott to let Frank know damage amount for budget.
  • Looking for someone to take on the trail area behind Woodhill spur consisting mainly of a snow fence and 5-6 signs.
  • Still working through issues with the trail through the New Life Church parking lot in Dresser.  Eric to contact Matt at the City of Dresser to work through a few minor trail issues. 
  • Duane that the bridge behind the art barn has cement issues due to beaver dams.  Cement will need to be redone in some areas.  

KAOS Youth Club: 

  • No meetings during the summer.  Next meeting in September.
  • Kevin reported that a new Polaris donation request was submitted for future raffle items.

Old Business: 

  • The Landowners brunch in May was a success.  Thanks to Julie and Ricky for all they did to plan and carry out this event.

New Business: 

  • The Fair is coming up 9/9-11 and the fair committee is getting ready.  There will be a fair committee meeting on Sunday August 14 at 1pm at the fair booth to review what we will need for this year.  Anyone interested in helping with the fair should try to attend.  
  • Volunteer sign up sheets for Friday through Sunday shifts were circulated at the meeting and will also sent out via email by Kevin. 
  • Next months meeting on 9/6 will be held at the fair booth.  Please come early 6pm and help clean the booth and set up the picnic tables etc.  Regular meeting will begin at 7:30pm.

Trip Committee: 

  • Safari 1/19-22/2023 is reserved in Hayward.  More to follow.

Social Committee:

  • Would still welcome more involvement and a planning committee.

Next Meeting: September 6, 2022 at the Fair Booth

Arrive at 6pm for fair prep, meeting to start at 7:30pm

*Motion to adjourn passed at 7:54pm 


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