Minutes – Dec 2021

Officers: President: Eric Hallen (2023),Vice President: Jordan Hallen (2022), Secretary: Cyndi Sommerfeldt (2023), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2022)

Board of Directors: Mike Kohn (2022), Kirk Johnson (2022), Rhett Larson (2023), Jason Raska (2023)

Trail Bosses: West: Brad McGuiggan & Jason Raska, East: Scott Carlson, Dresser West: Arik Mahler, Dresser East: Kevin McNutt, Stower Trail: Jeff Jonas & Rick LeRoux

Council Reps: Eric Hallen, Brad McGuiggan


*Meeting called to order on December 7, 2021 at 7:30pm at Hanks by Eric.

Secretary’s report:
• Sent out via email following November meeting, and posted on webpage. Approved as read.

Treasurer’s report:
• Approved as read by Sheri.
• Board has reviewed 2022 budget.
• Reviewed recent fundraising profits from UW Wanderoos Hunting Party and meat raffle.
• In preparation for Sheri stepping down as Treasurer of our club for 10+ years, Frank Sommerfeldt has been working with her to understand the club accounts and procedures. This will be a 6 month process.
• Sheri continues to turn in memberships to the AWSC most recent group was on November 20.
• Motion was approved during New Business portion of meeting to invest $ from rainy day fund into a mutual fund. This is about 1/3 of our total club funds. Frank will follow up with Board prior to investment.
• Sheri is very knowledgeable of the Club bereavement policy due to the need to disperse funds. This policy should be reviewed in a future meeting.

• Frank will be placing meeting minutes on website.
• Mark K and Angel will be delivering our $500 donation to Open Cupboard and providing information to the Osceola Sun.

Council Report:
• Groomers are ready and signing complete.
• Trail hours are turned in at Council meetings so make sure hours are current and turned in prior to this monthly meeting. Next meeting December 9.

Trail Bosses Report:
• Trails are marked and ready.
• If additional signs are needed contact Eric/Brad.
• Stower is still open to us and signed as reported by Rick
• Trail from shelter to Stower is complete and ready.
• Mark Jensen donated wood for the shelter and he and Gordy placed it in the shelter along with weed whipping and cleaning out the fire pit. There is more wood available if needed and Tim Larke has people available to stack in the future. The porta potty condition is unknown.

KAOS Youth Club:
• Next meeting is December 14, 2021 at McKenzie Lanes at 7pm
• New members have come from the recent safety class.
• Doug K has requested help from Frank S to assist in getting a club webpage set up.

Old Business:
• New 2020-2022 Trail maps are available.
• Don’t wait for snow to renew or start a membership. There is a time delay as we send in requests in batches to AWSC.
• Club Appreciation party at Eric’s on November 6 was a success with approximately 50 in attendance. Thanks Eric!
• Hunters party at UW Wanderoos was held on November 18 with a large turnout and 1/3 of proceeds to our club.
• Club meat raffle was held on December 3 at Potsie’s.

New Business:
• Sheri suggested we revisit the term length for our club officers. It is felt that the current 2 years is too short and perhaps 4 years would provide more involvement. In addition making the vice president role move to president the following term. Our bylaws do not currently call out a term length so this could be handled as a resolution in an upcoming meeting.
• With the recent increase in funds due to a successful fair, UWW Hunters party and meat raffle motions to increase the following donations were passed:
December gift to Open Cupboard food shelf from $200 to $500
OHS Scholarships from 2x$500 to 2x$1000
• There was much discussion on how to identify and recognize our Landowners. It was felt that we need to do more than just the spring landowners party. We have provided gift cards and postcards on trail signing and take down in the past but due to difficulty in keeping track of land sales our landowners list is out of date and therefore contact via this list is not useful. We need a better option to keep this list current, trial boss input and/or GIS/tax records were both suggested. It was suggested that the Board propose other options.

Trip Committee:
• Frank reviewed the January 21-23, 2022 Safari to be held at Hayward Seven Winds Casino. Based on interest shown Frank will block out 10 rooms.
• Motion was passed to provide $200 for a social gathering during the Safari.
• Would still welcome more involvement and a planning committee.

Social Committee:
• Safari Trip see above January 21-23, 2022 Hayward, WI
• Shelter Ride Saturday February 12, 2022

Next Meeting: January 4, 2022 at 7:30pm at Kens Keyboard.
Eric will contact Kens to have pizza options.

*Motion to adjourn passed at 8:22pm

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