Meeting Minutes – January 2016


President: Eric Hallen (2017) Vice President: Al Schoenborn(2016)

 Secretary: Stephanie Harling (2017), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2016)

Board of Directors:  Rick McGuiggan(2017), Charlie Greener,  Jeff Jonas (2016)  Jason Raska (2016)

Trail Bosses:  West Gordy Jones (2015), Kirk Larson (2015), Dresser trail: Ken Meyer (2017)

Council Reps:  Greg Swanson, Ken Meyer   (Alternates:  Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)


The January 5th 2016   Meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen

The Secretaries Report was read by Stephanie Harling and approved by Eric

The Treasures’ Report was read by Sheri Hoiby and approved.

The Council Report: Greg Swanson updated us on a new committee formed December 10th regarding ATV use on the Gandy Dancer Trail and long term use.  Todd Miller is the head of the new committee.   A meeting was to be held on January 6th and Greg Swanson strongly urged club members to go if they were able to help voice our concerns.

Youth Club: New Club, Polk County Youth Club named “KAOS” meeting are 2nd Monday of the month at the Centuria Bowling alley

Trail Boss:  Gordy stated trails were done, put signs up to inform riders trails were closed.

Old Business:  Make sure you have your Trail passes.

New Business:

  1. Membership to AWSC (not trail passes) for landowners, paid by the club for those who are interested was discussed. We decided to discuss at the landowners meeting.
  2. Landowners $20 DID NOT get mailed out, need to discuss landowners gift and landowners dinner.
  3. Check the expiration date on your AWSC cards.
  4. Trail passes are taking approximately a week or more to receive, if you want to ride get them purchased promptly.
  5. Safari Date January 29th, and 30th Croix Inn, Solon Springs
  6. It was discussed that we would purchase a AWSC commercial ad for Tami for everything she did for the Wanderoos Hunter’s Party.


Rick let the club know of a beautiful Thank You card to update us on Roger Peterson.

County Business:  Johnny B addressed the club with concerns regarding the trail From Dresser to Amery and the Gandy Dancer Trail.  We need to get to the county meeting and get involved.  The meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Social Committee:  Club social ride will be held Saturday February 13th this year.  Come join us!  Hot dogs and hot chocolate!

The overnighter will be held at Danbury February 26th, will ride from Sue’s if we can.  Cost is $45 to $40 for a room.


We have 16 New Members and 6 renewals!  Welcome everyone!

Website is up and going.

Next meeting will be 7:30pm February 2nd, 2016 at Wanderoos


Meeting Adjourned



Special Election was called for Polk County Council.  We had 2 nominees, Ken Meyer voted as Primary and Mike Tolberg was voted Alternate.




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