2013 August Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors:  Scott Carlson (2013), Eric Hallen (2013),

Dick Couch (2014)  Bruce Johnson (2014)

President: Rick McGuiggan (2013)

Vice President: Eric Hallen(2014)

Secretaries Suzanne Wente& Roxanne Couch (2013)

Treasurer:  Sheri Hoiby (2014)


Trail Boss West Gordy Jones (2013), Kirk Larson (2013),


Dresser trail: Roger Peterson, Bruce Johnson, Rick Leroux (2012)


Council Reps:  Doug Kromrey, Greg Swanson

 (Alternates: Dave Peterson, Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)


Meeting date August 6, 2013


Meeting was called to order by President Rick McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Council Report:

Nothing to report no meetings


Youth Club Report:

Nothing to report


Eric Hallen said he would get the picnic table from Fosses for the youth club to paint.


Trail Bosses:

Bruce reported that we have new landowners on the Gruendhoefer land outside of Dresser and a new easement will be needed.  Gordy reported that Dave Rixmann is o.k. if we replace the culvert on his land.  We will discuss further after the crops are off. Gordy has a list of landowners signs that we need we will ask Dick Hoppe to provide the cost.  If you haven’t already notified Gordy of signs you need please do so as soon as possible.  Greg S. reported that if we want to be reimbursed by the county for the cost of the culvert replacement we need to get it approved before the work is done.  Greg also reported that there may be a grant available with Polaris to help us pay for costs such as this or landowner’s signs.  Jason Raska is going to check into the grant application.


Old Business:

Dick Hoppe is getting the new signs made for the bridge, they will be done by October.  Dick was not present to report


New Business:

Bruce Johnson will get meeting cards and brochures to the printer so we have them available by the fair.  Julie M. has provided.


Discussed the Osceola Fair scheduled for September 6th – 8th, Sherri Hoiby our treasurer will be out of town over the fair Nate Gustafson has offered to take care of the treasurer’s duties during the fair.  Sign-up sheet to work at the fair and truck pull was passed around.  It will be forwarded to all members in a separate e-mail.  The Osceola Rod & Gun Club made a suggestion that we sell pork chops on a stick as they sold very well at the Polk County Fair, suggestion was made that we rent the cooler from the Cool guys again for food and beverage storage.  Another suggestion was that we have some kind of stand at Wheels & Wings, wether we do food, or just make our presence there handing out brochures.  Barb was going to check if they would allow more booths there and discuss all of these suggestions with the fair committee when they hold their meeting. Our committee members are:

Barb & Paul Durand

Nate Gustafson

Duane Wolters

Doug & Terri Kromrey


Suzy is supposed to check with Scott Tinney if he needs any supplies for the truck pull and when he plans on setting up so additional help can be planned.


Duane will get the groomer for the parade.  Roger will take care of the float.  We are going to check with the youth club to see if they would like to ride on the float and toss candy.


Next meeting will be held on September 3, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at Fair Booth to clean and set up, meeting to follow.




Any pictures or article that you would like to share please contact Frank Sommerfeldt to put on the web site. Frank’s email address is gmc9643@hotmail.com

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