2013 January Meeting Minutes

Meeting date January 8, 2013

Meeting was called to order by President Rick  McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was  read and approved.  Treasurer’s  report was read and approved.  Treasurer also reported that Christmas Cards were mailed to land owners  with a $20.00 gift.  Thank you  Sherri!! 

Council Report:

Doug reported the council meeting was held Dec. 13, 2012  they discussed trying to increase commercial accounts to join the AWSC.  The Governor’s council met and proposed  increase registration fees and trying to increase club membership, this new bill  got shot down.  They are still  promoting and trying to get the CAPSTEP bill through.  Groomer rodeo has been cancelled until  further notice.  They will discuss  re-scheduling at the next meeting.  The Spring AWSC Convention will be head March 22 – 24th in  LaCrosse, WI . The International Snowmobile Convention will be held June  6th – 8th 2013 in Green Bay.  If you are interested in attending  either of the conventions please contact Doug and additional information is on  the AWSC website.  Reminder to club  members with graduates the AWSC has a scholarship program, information and  applications can be found on their website.  Doug also reported that we need to sign  our intersections better.  Each  intersection should be marked with the trial number that you are on and the  trail number of the one you are approaching.  Club members agreed that they have  ridden in other counties and that the trail intersections are also well noted on  the maps.  It was decided that we  would make it a priority to get all trails and intersections numbered.  We also discussed that we may not have  enough trail closed signs posted.  It was decided that trail bosses will check into getting bigger/more  signs.  Andrew Kromrey our youth  rep. reported the youth club has scheduled a ride for February 8th – 10th 2013 Lakewood, WI.  The Polk County Council has donated $1000.00 to the youth club.  The youth club meets the second Tuesday  of each month at 6:30 at the groomers shed.  If you know any interested youth please  contact Andrew.   

Trail Bosses:

Gordy Jones reported that we need snow. Kirk reported  that we need to make sure we get land owners involved when we do trail  maintenance. If we are doing any type of work let the land owner know what our  plans are and make sure they agree to it.  Motion was made and carried that trail bosses need approval from the  county council and land owners before any work is done that requires  equipment.  Have land owners ribbon  trees with you if we are planning on removing any.  Brian Swanson reported that sometime in  the future we may need to change the trail in East  Farmington as one of our new land owners is planning on building a  home in the future.   Please  make sure you turn in your hours to the trail bosses if you did trail work.  Nate G. got the easement from the new  church in Dresser and Brian Swanson got the easement from the new landowners in  East Farmington.     

Old business:

Dick Hoppe reported new signs for Niedermier bridge would  be $80.00 each for a 30” x 30” vinyl over wood sign.  Gordy will confirm the size and get back  to Dick. Thank you Dick!

Bruce Johnson reported that membership brochures are  still being worked on.  New club  member stickers are available, each family membership gets two free  stickers.  If you would like  additional ones they are $1.50 each. 

New Business:

We received a $1500.00 donation from UW Wandroo’s from  their Deer Hunter’s Party fundraiser.  They also donated $1500.00 the Amery and St. Croix Falls snowmobile clubs.  We will present them with a formal thank  you at our next meeting.  If you  have the opportunity please try support their business and thank them for this  very generous donation if you do. It was also discussed that if they do this  fund raiser next week that the club will get involved. 

Trip committee has booked the Safari for January  25th & 26th at the Hayward Casino Lodge.  10 rooms are booked (only three are  reserved at this time) the rate is $69.00 per room with two queen beds.  The rooms will be held until January  11th  cancellation is 24  hours in advance if there is no snow.  If you would like to reserve a room the number is 800-526-2274 reference  group #12513, reservations are under Osceola Valley Sno-Goers. 

The overnighter is scheduled for Friday February  15th.  Ride up to the  Danbury Hole in the Wall Casino and stay Friday night and ride back on  Saturday.  Eric has booked four  rooms.  The rate is $50.00 per  room.  If you would like to reserve  a room the number is 800-238-8946.  They are reserved under The Osceola Valley Snow Goers or Eric  Hallen

Shelter ride and party is scheduled for Saturday February  9th.

The East Farmington club  reported that they are hosting a poker run and party.  The run is on Friday Feb. 1st  and Saturday Feb. 2nd, ending Saturday night at Sue’s Bar & Grill  with a chili feed, gun raffle and other prizes. Posters will be out  soon.

New cards with meeting time and dates and events are  updated and available.

Motion was made and carried that the club join the Lakes  States Resource Alliance.  Annual  membership is $100.00.

We received promotional material from the UP for  discounted rates to ride in the UP.  If you are interested in this information contact Rick McGuiggan.

Reminder that your club dues are now due, you can pay  them at a meeting or contact Sherri Hoiby @ puck.ster@hotmail.com

Any pictures or article that you would like to share  please contact Frank Somerfelt to put on the web site.

Next meeting February 5th, 2013 7:30 p.m. UW  Wandroo’s

Upcoming events:

Safari – January 25 – 26th At Hayward  Casino

Shelter Ride – February 9th 2013

Overnighter – February 15th at Danbury Hole in the Wall  Casino

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