2012 April Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors:  Scott Carlson (2013), Eric Hallen (2013)
 Rick LeRoux (2012)  Julie McGuiggan (2012)
President:  Rick McGuiggan (2013)
Vice President:  Gordy Jones (2012)
Secretaries Suzanne Wente& Roxanne Couch (2013)
Treasurer:  Nathan Gustafson (2012)
Trail Boss West Gordy Jones (2013), Kirk Larson (2013),
Dresser trail: Roger Peterson, Bruce Johnson, Rick Leroux (2012)
Council Reps:  Doug Kromrey, Greg Swanson
 (Alternates: Dave Peterson, Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)

Meeting date April 3, 2012

Meeting was called to order by President Rick McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved. 

Council Report:

Not much to report, no snow.  AWSC convention was attended by Kromrey’s and Swanson’s.  Greg reported that the conservation congress meeting is on 04/09/12.  They are proposing a 25MPH speed limit on all frozen water.  Currently there is no limit except that if you are within 100 feet of a person or fish house then the limit is 10 MPH.  Attached is information addressing what they are considering, it is on page 25 of the attachment.  The CAP/STEP bill failed in the house.  The main reason was that some elected officials promised not to raise taxes or fees during their campaigns and they didn’t want to raise the snowmobile registration fees.  Some Wisconsin counties were also against the bill, so we were not united on wanting this passed.  With the bad snow year AWSC membership dropped 5%.  Greg also reported that they viewed a snowmobiling video that is on Discover Wisconsin website promoting snowmobiling and it focused on what clubs do and also promotes the AWSC.  We are going to try to get a copy of the DVD to use as promotional material at some of our events such as snowmobile safety class and maybe the landowners dinner.  We may try to link it to our website also. Groomer’s dinner will be held April 19th at Crickets Bar 6p.m. cocktails, 7p.m. dinner

Trail Bosses:

Trail closing was Saturday March 31st. Thank you to all those who helped, make sure you turn in your hours to your trail boss. Dick Hoppe got prices for new landowner’s signs that are needed. Price is $15.00 for an 8” x 16” sign.   Trail Bosses – please take note of any signs you need replaced for the landowners on your section of trail.  Roger Peterson has taken over the Dresser trail from Arnold Wente.

Old business:

Land owners dinner is set for April 14, 2012 at Potting’s Bar.  The club with provide chicken from KFC and potatoes and gravy.  All club members are asked to bring a dish to pass.  Happy hour is 6:00- 7:00 p.m. with dinner at 7:00. Trail bosses are to greet and pass out  drink tickets at the door.  We are going to try to submit and article about our club and landowners dinner for the next edition of the AWSC magazine.

Bruce is looking for any pictures of our float from the Big Chill Fest parade to put on the website.  If you have any pictures from the event please contact Bruce Johnson or submit it to Frank Sommerfelt.

New Business:

An unexpected bill from our food stand at Hayday’s came up, it was $600.00 for the rental of a generator.  Rick M. paid the bill, the club will re-imburse him.  

Motion was made and carried to vote if we are going to do a food stand at Hayday’s in September 2012.  Vote was taken and we will be doing the stand.  Vote won with 13 yes vs. 10 no.  Rick LeRoux will chair the committee for the Hayday’s food stand.


Membership dues are past due.  Single is $15.00 and family is $20.00.  If you haven’t paid your dues contact Nate Gustafson 715-755-3824

Jordan Hallen is in charge of our Facebook page.  If you would like to have him add anything he can be contacted via e-mail  Jordan_H_10@hotmail.com

Frank Sommerfeldt has our website up and running.  If you would like to share pictures or have anything you want added to the website you can e-mail Frank to submit items, his e-mail address is gmc9643@hotmail.com.  The website looks great. Our website address is www.osceolavalleysnogoers.com.  Check it out!!

Next meeting  May 1, 2012 at P.Y.’s 7:30 p.m.



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