2011 December Meeting Minutes

Meeting date December 6, 2011

Meeting was called to order by President Rick McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Nate will be getting Cascade Currency for our landowners for Christmas gifts.

Council Report:
Greg Swanson reported that elections were held at the council meeting last month for next year.  There are three additional county council members on the council.  The county council will not be covering insurance for all the county clubs as originally reported.  Clubs are to renew their policies and they will be reimbursed by the council.  This allows for better coverage throughout the county due to the million dollar maximum on claims. Trails can open on December 12.  Council discussed expenses for last year, they are reviewing ways to reduce over-all expenses for this year as expenses have already been high on the mowers.  Doug Johnson our AWSC council representative will be attending the MS ride.  Osceola township is looking at adding ATV routes through town.  Pole saws will be attached to each groomer.  The groomer rodeo will be at theBalsamLakecouncil shed on January 14.  The time is not known at this time.

Doug & Teri Kromrey attended the AWSC Fall Convention.  Doug was very impressed with the workshops he attended.  He feels he received some great ideas for increasing club membership.  Doug also feels that we need to focus and expand our club website.  He will discuss these issues with President Ricky to report on at a future meeting. Our local representative Sean Duffy attended the AWSC convention. Doug also reported on the upcoming bill that will be going to congress for vote January 17th to the 19th.  It is called the LRB3295 Cap-Step bill.  We urge our club members to support this bill.  If this bill is passed it will change how snowmobile registration is costed throughout the state.  Non-snowmobile club members will have to pay higher fees for their registration.  To learn more about the bill go to AWSC.org our Senator to contact about this bill is Luther Olson, number is 800-991-5541.  Doug also reported that the state youth ride will be held at Lakewoods Resort in Cable, WI February 10th – 12th.  Thank you Doug and Teri for taking time from your schedules to attend this convention and representing our club.

Old business:
Trail bosses: Work that was needed at Merlin Schmidt’s is complete.  It was brought up that there was some additional brush work that needs to be completed, Dick Couch volunteered to take care of this.  Duane Wolter needs “non-motorized” signs for the safeway walking path.  Doug Kromrey reported all signs are in, if any of the trail bosses need additional signs please get a hold of Doug. Dick Hoppe made 29 trail open/closed signs, if you would like some for your trails get a hold of Dick.  Dick also had the Doug Mielke memorial trails signs made.  These will be posted at the south end ofCedarLake.  All trail bosses reported there trails are marked and the majority of work is complete.  Kirk Larson reported that if any of our members would like to take over a section of trail please let him know.  Some of our trail bosses maintain many miles of trail so if your interested in being a “boss” we could assign you a section of trail.  All help is much appreciated.  Kirk also requested that we determine which landowner on which section of trail so the trail bosses know who there landowners are.  Kirk and Nate will work together on the list and turn over to the secretary to type up and distribute.  Thank you to all of our trail bosses for taking the time to maintain the trails! Also thanks to all club members for helping on trail marking day.  Daryl brought to the clubs attention that an old left behind trail marker did damage to Bob Norlander’s combine.  Motion was made and carried to get Bob a $100.00 gift certificate as he did not want the club to compensate him for the damage.  Doug K. will get the gift certificate and get it to Bob.

Roxy Couch brought samples from the Treadmill on clothing and hats with the club logo.  Color of items available will be red, blue, and tan. Prices are as follows:
Short sleeve T-Shirt – $8.00
Long sleeve T-Shirt – $11.50
Crewneck Sweatshirt – $15.00
¼ Zip front Sweatshirt – $23.00
¼ Zip front Fleece – $27.00
Hat – $10.00

If you are interested in ordering, please contact Roxy at or before the January meeting.  We will keep the order open until the January meeting.   Members can pay the club and the club will pay the Treadmill. Items must be paid for before ordering. Thanks Roxy!!

Sign up sheets for the various committees were also passed around again.  Please sign up for a committee.  We need everyone’s participation. If you were not at the meeting and are interested in being involved please contact Julie McGuiggan or Suzy Wente.

We need help on the following committees.
Membership:  No one signed up
Trip committee:  Eric Hallen, Frank Sommerfeldt. Gordy Jones, Scott Carlson
Nominating committee: No one signed up
Social committee (Club appreciation party, shelter cook out): Eric Hallen, Rick and Terri LeRoux.

The social committee has scheduled the overnight ride to Danbury.  Date is Friday January 13th.  Time and place to meet will be determined at the January meeting.  Rooms are booked at the Danbury Lodge.  The room rate is $47.00 plus tax, you also receive $5.00 to spend at the casino.  4 rooms are booked. If you want to reserve a room the number is 715-656-3453 ask for rooms reserved for Eric Hallen.

The trip committee has scheduled the safari ride at Black RiverFallsfor January 27th – 28th.  We are booked at the Best Western, room rates are 1 queen bed – $67.49 plus tax, 2 queen beds – $76.49 plus tax.  These rates do include breakfast.  10 rooms are booked.  If you want to reserve a room the number is 715-284-9471 ask for rooms reserved for Osceola Valley SnoGoers.

Dick Hoppe got prices for addition signs with our club logo to post at Hayday’s, the fair stand or the shelter.  Prices are as follows:
3’ X 4’ sign $40.00 each
16” x 16” sign $12.00 each
4” x 4” stickers $.78 each with 100 piece minimum order.

Discussion will be tabled until the next meeting.

Lois Grundhofer donated $300.00 for a PA system for use at our meetings and events.  Thank you so much Lois for this very generous gift in Jerry’s memory, may he rest in peace.  He will be missed by all of us!!

Julie McGuiggan will purchase the system.

New Business:
We welcomed two new members this month, Ken Meyer and Dan Lucas.  Thanks for joining!!
February 11th will be our club Fun Day ride.  We will be doing the trail dedications for the Doug Mielke and Jerry Grundhofer memorial trails and then riding to the shelter to roast out hotdogs and have some spirits.
The Osceola Rod and Gun club has offered us their club house to use for meeting, this will be considered for next year’s calendar.  Thank you ORGC!!
It was requested that we post our meetings and events in the Osceola Sun.  Roxy Couch volunteered to check into what would be available at no cost.

Membership dues are past due.  Single is $15.00 and family is $20.00.  If you haven’t paid your dues contact Nate Gustafson 715-755-3824

Jordan Hallen is in charge of our Facebook page.  If you would like to have him add anything he can be contacted via e-mail  Jordan_H_10@hotmail.com. Jordan reported that we have 112 followers on Facebook.

Next meeting January 3rd at Sue’s Bar and Grill 7:30 p.m.

Have a great Christmas everyone.  THINK SNOW!!

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