2011 November Meeting Minutes

Meeting date November 1, 2011

Meeting was called to order by President Rick McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was read and  approved.  Treasurers report was read and approved. Treasurer read budget for 2011-2012 season.  Motion was made and budget was approved.  Nate also updated on our accounts from the Riverbank changing to Central Bank.  No charges appear to be necessary.  Nate will stop in at Central Bank to confirm.

Council Report:
Gordy met with Jeremy from the parks & recreation department.  No permits are needed to complete the trail work and Jeremy approved Roger Peterson’s bid for building up the trail on Merlin Schmidt’s property.  Traprock quarry will be donating the materials.  Proofs of the trail maps were in, council members reviewed and approved.  There was a discussion to add pole saws to the groomers.  Groomer rodeo was also discussed location is to be determined.  Doug Kromrey was voted in as AWSC representative forPolkCounty.  Congratulations Doug!!

Old business:
Trail bosses:  Duane Wolter checked with the township and they have removed trees to widen the trail to the Art Barn and stumps will be removed so the groomer can get through.  Gordy will talk with Bikeman for trail to there location.  Scott Tinney and Mike Boucher will discuss with Bikeman to sign the trail.  Trail opening is November 12, 2011.  Meet at Sue’s Bar & Grill at 8:00 a.m. Post cards to notify the landowners were in and  mailed out by Roxy Couch this week.  Thank you Roxy!!  Reflective tape/snow fence was ordered, we do not have confirmation when it will be in at this time.  If you would like some for your trail contact Doug Kromrey.  Remember to keep track of your hours worked  on the trail and turn into your trail bosses.  It needs to be determined how trail will be moved further off the road by Peace Lutheran Church/Bobby Bowen land.

Roxy Couch visited the Treadmill to get pricing on t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats with the club logo.  Color of items available will be red, blue, tan and black.  Prices are as follows:

Short sleeve T-Shirt – $8.00
Long sleeve T-Shirt – $11.50
Crewneck Sweatshirt – $15.00
¼ Zip front Sweatshirt – $23.00
¼ Zip front Fleece – $27.00
Hat – $10.00
If you are interested in ordering, please contact Roxy either at or before the next meeting.  Items will need to be paid for prior to Roxy placing our order.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time on October 24, 2011 to cut firewood for the shelter, it was brought up that turn out was good and appreciated by all!!  The Porta potty is also at the shelter and Jason Raska will check into getting it cleaned for the season.  Thank you Jason!!

Sign up sheets for the various committees were also passed around again.  Please sign up for a committee.  We need everyone’s participation. If you were not at the meeting and are interested in being involved please contact Julie McGuiggan or Suzy Wente.

New Business:
The trip committee is checking into Safari trip to Black   RiverFalls.  Week-ends that were considered are Jaunary 28th or February 11th.  Vote was taken for Safari and it will be booked for the week-end of January 27th  – 28th, 2012.   Also discussed was doing an overnight ride toDanbury, considering Mid-January.  The social committee will bring some ideas to the next meeting and also determine which day we will do our ride and cookout at the shelter.

Doug Mielke’s wake was at St. Anne’s church inSomerseton November 2, 2011 and the funeral was on November 3.  Social gathering was at the Sportman’s after the funeral.

Doug Hoppe brought the signs for the Jerry Grundhofer Memorial trail.  The cost was $80.00 and they looked great!!  They were made by The Amery SignCo.  They also made us at no charge two large signs with our logo for display at the fair food stand or for the Heydays food stand, we also discussed purchasing additional signs for the shelter.  Dick will get prices for the next meeting.  Thank you Dick!!

Julie McGuiggan reported on prices for a P/A system to use at our meetings and events.  The costs ranged from $150.00 – $300.00.  Rick LeRoux will get the information to Lois Grundhofer to determine if she wants to proceed and determine which system she wants.  Thank you Lois for considering the club for such a generous donation!!  Also thank you to Julie McGuiggan and Rick LeRoux for working on this.

Motion was made and passed that the open meeting place for the February 7th, 2012 meeting will be held at Wandroos.  Please update your cards.

Membership dues are due.  Single is $15.00 and family is $20.00.

Jordan Hallen volunteered to be in charge of our Facebook page.  If you would like to have him add anything he can be contacted via e-mail  Jordan_H_10@hotmail.com

Trail opening – November 12, 2011.  Meet at Sue’s Bar & Grill at 8:00 a.m.

Next meeting December 6th 2011 at Potting’s Bar 7:30 p.m.

We need help on the following committees.
Membership:  No one signed up
Trip committee:  Eric Hallen, Frank Sommerfeldt. Gordy Jones, Scott Carlson
Nominating committee:  No one signed up
Social committee (Club appreciation party, shelter cook out): Eric Hallen, Rick and Terri LeRoux.
Fair committee:  Nate Gustafson, Duane Wolter, Doug and Teri Kromrey, Barb Durand, Roger Peterson
Truck Pull set up & take down committee:  Doug Kromrey, Bruce Johnson, Dave Peterson, Mike Tober, Dick Couch
Landowners dinner:  Steve and Suzanne Wente, Julie McGuiggan, Roxanne Couch

Please review these committees and contact Julie M. or Suzy W. if you are interested in volunteering.  We need everyone’s help!!

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