Minutes – Apr 2023

*Meeting called to order on 4/4/23, 7:29pm at UWW by Eric.

Secretary’s report: 

  • March and all past month meeting minutes are posted on webpage.  Approved.

Treasurer’s report:

  • Approved as read by Frank. 
  • No income last month.
  • Expenses for shelter ride, groomer dinner and Landowners brunch.


  • Website up to date per Frank
  • Send shelter ride etc pics to Frank for website posting.
  • Eric has been posting to Facebook. 

Council Report:

  • Groomer Banquet on 3/30/23 at Brow Tine was a success.
  • All county groomers go to Balsam Lake for the off season.
  • There is a 52 page Stower trail write up/letter/complaint?  Can we get more info on what this is?
  • Next AWSC meeting in Green Bay.

Trail Bosses Report

  • Trail closing ie. Sign removal should be taking place as soon as you can get in the fields.  4/22 weekend?  Do we send out a postcard for sign removal?  This is always a fluid date due to spring weather.
  • Trail blazers are always in pairs across from each other.  You may have to search for the set due to high trail traffic this year.
  • Keep track and report all people, hours and equipment used to your trail boss for entry into the state system for payment.
  • Help keep our trails by picking up any trash items you may see.
  • The relocated hwy 35 trail crossing south of Fiesta Loca was a success.
  • Approx. 3800 hours of grooming this year vs. last year’s 1200!

KAOS Youth Club:

  • Next meeting one week after ours at McKenzie Lanes, Centuria.
  • The annual raffle drawing to take place during April meeting. 

1st prize $500

2nd prize Polaris wheeled gear bag

3rd prize Polaris 30 qt cooler

4th prize 20 qt Artic cooler

Old Business:

  • Landowners brunch planning is underway.  Contact Donna Berg if you have any questions or want to help. 
  • Invitations have been sent out and $25 BP cards on order.
  • Raffle gifts being collected.  If you or your business etc. have anything you would like to donate, contact the McGuiggans.  Also if you have a particular contact at an establishment let Ricky/Julie know you will be handling it but feel free to ask for donations.  This has been an excellent year for the establishments on/near the trails they should be willing to donate.
  • Reminder that next year we will have an additional 30 Landowners due to new trail 30.
  • Update on new trail 30 from North Cedar Lake to Clear Lake.  Landowner agreements are in process but mostly complete. With the addition of the 20 miles of new trail this trail will run from East Farmington to Chetek.  Kevin has put on ride command.
  • Taking nominations for President and Secretary positions which will be voted on at next month’s meeting.

New Business:

  • Angel is working on the club scholarships selection process.  There were 8 applicants for the 2 $500 scholarships to be awarded.  If you would like to assist in this process contact Angel.
  • Scott has talked to John Foster who owns the current club shelter land and he is open to ideas on upgrades to the shelter.

Trip Committee:

  • Same as past 2 years Round Lake, Hayward, WI area.

Social Committee:

  • Following our next club meeting at Osceola Lanes on 5/2 all are invited to stay and participate in Bowl-a-ramma.  This is a yearly club appreciation activity.
  • Landowners Banquet date 5/7/2023 at UW Wanderoos.  Donna to head up this year.  Please contact her if you would like to help.

Next Meeting: May 2, 2023 at Osceola Lanes at 7:30pm

*Motion to adjourn passed at 7:59pm


Officers: President: Eric Hallen (2023),Vice President: David Johnson (2024), Secretary: Cyndi Sommerfeldt (2023), Treasurer: Frank Sommerfeldt (2024)

Board of Directors: Rhett Larson (2023), Jason Raska (2023), Chris Keezer (2024), Austin Mueller (2024)

Trail Bosses: West: Brad McGuiggan & Jason Raska, East: Scott Carlson, Dresser West: Arik Mahler, Dresser East: Kevin McNutt, Stower Trail: Jeff Jonas & Rick LeRoux

Council Reps: Eric Hallen, Brad McGuiggan


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