Minutes — May 2022

Officers: President: Eric Hallen (2023),Vice President: Jordan Hallen (2022), Secretary: Cyndi Sommerfeldt (2023), Treasurer: Sherri Hoiby (2022)

Board of Directors: Mike Kohn (2022), Kirk Johnson (2022), Rhett Larson (2023), Jason Raska (2023)

Trail Bosses: West: Brad McGuiggan & Jason Raska, East: Scott Carlson, Dresser West: Arik Mahler, Dresser East: Kevin McNutt, Stower Trail: Jeff Jonas & Rick LeRoux

Council Reps: Eric Hallen, Brad McGuiggan


*Meeting called to order on 5/3/22, 7:30pm at Osceola Lanes by Eric.

Secretary’s report: 

  • Sent out via email following April meeting and posted on webpage.  Approved as read.

Treasurer’s report:

  • Approved as read by Frank. 
  • Expenditures this month for Landowners Brunch 5/15 and Scholarships 2x$500 on 5/11.
  • Thanks to Eric and Austin and their employer Oneok for a donation based on their volunteer hours. 


  • Frank reports if you subscribe to the club website you will get an automatic notification of new posts. 
  • Chris Keezer will be taking over responsibility for our club facebook page and use the subscribe process above to mirror the current information on the website.  Thanks Chris!

Council Report:

  • Eric reported that the county will be transferring our groomer funding of trail 12 to the Stower trail.  This results in an overall gain of 5 miles.  Based on the reoccurring use issues with the Stower trail, the club would like to keep trail 12 open and groomed (Trollhaugen to KAOS shelter) for another year and revisit this on a yearly basis. 
  • Eric spoke to Officer Burr and provided a brief update on citations for the season.  There were no issues requiring citations on the Stower trail.  Majority of citations were issued for lack of trail pass. 
  • Our tractor is currently at Midwest for off season maintanence.  County funds this.
  • Ricky reported that there are officially 381 Polk County trail miles.  There were 27 days of grooming this year at a cost of $87,000.  The County applies for a grant to cover this. 

Trail Bosses Report

  • As always get any trail closing/maintenance hours to trail bosses or Eric.  This is how the county gets $.
  • Plainview Estates (90 homes anticipated) is now listed as the owner of the airport property on the trail.  This effects our trail and we will have to reroute this fall.
  • Kevin and others are working on trail access to the Stower trail near Trollhaugen.

KAOS Youth Club:

  • Next meeting is May 10, 2022, McKenzie Lanes 7pm
  • Club bylaws have been updated and posted on website.
  • Frank reported that the KAOS Club is now an official non profit entity

Old Business:

  • Memberships expire on 6/30/22.  Your AWSC member number never changes and is located on the magazine mailing label.  Or you can email the club at osceolavalleysnogoers@gmail.com and we’ll reply with your AWSC number.  Also remember to use the same name for Club membership as sled registration.

You can apply now and beat the rush and also be ready for any early snow!

New Business:

  • Club members voted and approved a By Laws modification that was proposed by Frank and described in detail in the April meeting minutes.  The changes are summarized as follows:

Changed fiscal year to July 1-June 30.  Frank will file this change with the IRS.

Memberships are regular members $20 or you can choose to be a “participating” member only

Board of directors will consist of 4 members at large, 4 officers, trail and vice trail boss, and groomer boss.  Total of 11.

Rules and responsibly of each board position will be detailed in the bylaws document

Election of officers and members at large will move to May club meeting in 2023 to match fiscal year change.

Bylaws will be posted on our website.

Trip Committee:

  • Safari 1/19-22/2023 is reserved in Hayward.  More to follow.
  • Would still welcome more involvement and a planning committee.

Social Committee:

  • Landowners Appreciation Brunch at UWWanderoos on 5/15/22, 12pm.  All Club members are also invited to participate and also volunteer.  Contact Julie Mc if you would like to volunteer.
  • We are asking that all trail bosses or an appointed representative be at the Landowners brunch on 5/15/22 to meet and greet their area Landowners as they sign in.  Trail bosses will be handing out the BP Cards to their assigned Landowners (per the current Landowner listing) and also providing them with their Trail boss business card for any future communications. 
  • 18 applications were received for the 2x$500 Club scholarships. John Berg and Kalley Smith, will be awarded scholarships by Angel at the 5/11 Awards event at the High School.  Thanks to all who participated this year.  Angel will be taking over responsibility of this selection and award process next year.  Contact her if you would like to be involved.  Thanks to Rick and Julie for their many years of service on our scholarship award process!

Next Meeting: August 2, 2022 at 7:30pm at Tippy Canoes.

*Motion to adjourn passed at 8:05pm

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