Meeting Minutes – October 2016


President:  Eric Hallen (2017), Vice President: Rick McGuiggan (2018)

Secretary:  Stephanie Harling (2017), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2018)

Marketing/Asst Treasurer:  Al Schoenborn

Board of Directors:  Charlie Greener, Jeff Jonas, Rick LeRoux (2017), Barb Durand (2018)

Trail Bosses:  West: Gordy Jones (2015), East: Kirk Larson (2015), Dresser trail: Ken Meyer (2017)

Council Reps:  Ken Meyer, Mike Tabor   (Alternates: Arnold Wente, Roger Peterson)


October 4th , 2016 Meeting Notes

The October Meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen

Secretary’s report was read and approved

Treasurers report was read and approved.

Council’s Report:

Greg is resigning at the council, and election next meeting. He has put in over 20 years and we thank him for his dedication to representing our club and the council.

They are going to modify the easements and take out the word base. It will read need at least 6 inches of snow, not a 6 inch base.

There is still brushing to do from on the trail from Clear Lake to Clayton.

There is a DNR survey called SCORP – that is used for to help the government decide who gets what when someone is applying for a grant. It is for hikers, ATV riders, snowmobile riders – need to on and take this survey.

The Gandy Dancer is going to start logging this spring south of the Burnett County Line.  It is a 2 year contract and eventually will be going all the way South to St Croix Falls.

In the future, a GPS unit will be installed in all of the groomers. This will give a more accurate count of the groomed trails that is being turned in. They will know where the tractor is at all times.

Youth Club:

No news, except they still meet at McKenzie Lanes the 2 nd Monday of every month.

The snowmobile safety course is coming up now in October at the school.

Trail Boss:

We need to do some brushing in Dresser by the gravel pit. Tentative date was set to work on that Sat November 5th . We will confirm this at the next meeting.

No cutting of wood is necessary for the shelter this year, we have plenty.

November 12th , is tentative date for the Trail Opening. This will be confirmed at the next meeting.

Sherri will get the post cards printed for the landowners letting them know that we are going to be doing the trail opening. Julie will help her in getting these ready to mail.

Old Business:

Fair – Barb reported that everything went well. We got the help in those open spots that we needed help for.

A motion was made and seconded to use $200 to get some shirts and hats for the landowner’s dinner in April for door prizes.

Social Committee: Nothing to report

Landowners Dinner: Nothing to report – need to set a date and place in the near future.

If you not on a committee, please see Eric and sign up.

Meeting was adjourned


Election of Officers Results:

Vice President: Rick McGuiggan

Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby

Marketing/Assistant Treasurer: Al Schoenborn

Council Rep: Mike Tabor

Board of Directors: Barb Durand.

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