2013 March Meeting Minutes

Meeting date March 5, 2013


Meeting was called to order by  President Rick McGuiggan.  Secretary’s report was read and approved. Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Treasurer also reported we have  been re-imbursed by the county for our insurance premium and AWSC memberships  were paid, they were $10.00 per member.


Council Report:

Greg reported that at the last  meeting safety and trail marking was discussed.  This fall go out with one of our groomer  drivers to help with the placement of signs.  The council is trying to get consistency  of trail marking throughout the county.  Check your trails not to determine where there may need additional  brushing.  Doug reported that the  groomer’s banquet is scheduled for April 18th at Crickets, 6:30  cocktails and 7:30 dinner.  The  Cushing snowmobile club is having a vintage snowmobile show on March  23rd at Wolf Creek Bar.  The youth club is now under the county council – Youth Snowmobile club of  Polk  County.  Andrew reported they put up signs at all  county high schools to increase membership.  They now have 15 members.  They did their club ride on Feb.  8th & 9th to Lakewood, WI  and had a good turn out.  The youth  club is also considering doing a snowmobile raffle for a fund raiser.  They will also be going to other  snowmobile club meetings to try to boost membership for the youth club.  The youth club meets the 2nd  Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Groomer’s shed in Balsam Lake.



Trail Bosses:


Gordy measured the Niedermeir  bridge signs motion was made and carried to get the signs replaced a budget of  $300.00 was approved for the two signs.  Dick Hoppe will order the signs. It was reported that Dennis Getchel  wants the trail moved on his land.  Gordy and Doug will meet with Dennis to discuss.  Discussed widening the culvert on David  Rixman land where it crosses X.  We  do have this marked with caution signs but it is narrow and people have hit the  ditch.  Ricky M. will meet with  David to discuss doing the work.  Bruce reported that we need a sign by the Dresser Depot noting that the  snowmobile trail ends here.  He has  also received complaints about people running along Hwy. 35 by the airport going  through yards and spinning rocks at driveway crossings.  We need more firewood at the shelter  between Dresser and Wandroos, also discussed the trail needs to be widened in  that area.  The SCF club president  will be contacted about these issues.  Trail sign take down is tentatively scheduled for April 6th,  2013 we will confirm at the next meeting.  During sign take down please take note if any landowner’s signs need to  be replaced.


Old Business:


The overnighter was Friday  February 15th.  Ride to  the Danbury Hole in the Wall Casino was good.


Shelter ride and party was  February 9th. We had a  very good turn out.  Pictures are  posted on our web site under club activities.  Special thanks to Eric Hallen and Rick  LeRoux for doing all the planning and set up.


We have post cards available with  meeting dates and club events.  The  new brochures will be ready by the Osceola Fair.


New Business:


Land owner’s dinner will be held  at Potting’s on April 13th.  The committee for this event is Steve & Suzy Wente, Rick & Julie  McGuiggan, Dick & Roxy Couch, Jean Lundgren and Lois Grundhofer.


We had a discussion about dues  not being paid in a timely manner and talked about setting a date all dues had  to be paid by. Decided the Board of Directors will have a meeting before the  next club meeting to come up with a plan, and to also discuss lifetime  membership and honorary memberships.


Next meeting will be held on  April 2nd 2013 7:30 p.m. at the Trap Rock Inn



If you haven’t paid your club  dues they are past due, you can pay them at a meeting or contact Sheri Hoiby @  puck.ster@hotmail.com


Any  pictures or article that you would like to share please contact Frank Sommerfeldt  to put on the web site.

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