New Trails for 2024 – Trail 30 & 65

We are pleased to announce two new trails will be added to Polk County for 2024. The first is a new 20 mile section that will run from Cedar Lake to Clear Lake. This new section of trail will connect to the existing Trail 30 that runs from Clear Lake through Reeve to Chetek. We will also renumber the trail from Cedar Lake through Horse Creek to East Farmington as Trail 30. The second new section of trail will extend the St Croix County trail 65 north out of Star Prairie and will connect to the new section of Trail 30.

The new trails, as well as the existing trail to East Farmington have been updated on the Polaris Ride Command system. See the attached screen shot of the new trails.

We have added over 30 more land owners for the 20 miles of new trail. We are very appreciative of our landowners and club members that have allowed this trail to become a reality.

We are now in the process of gathering signs for the new trail sections. It will require nearly 1,000 signs for the new 20 miles. We will be reaching out to all of the Polk County clubs to gather as many extra existing signs as possible to minimize the number of new signs we will need to purchase.

Please let Frank Sommerfeldt (651 528-2344) or Rick McGuiggan (612 554-3518) know if you have any extra signs that can be used for the new trails. We will be consolidating all the signs for Trails 30 & 65 at the McGuiggan homestead on County X.

This fall we will need help building all the signs, clearing some woods for the trail and putting up the trail before deer hunting. More information will be provided in September.

Thanks in advance for all your support and help.


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