Updated Club Information

2-19-2019   Note from our Club President

To All club members,
With all the recent snowfall and the trails being opened (finally!), I wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved with what it takes to make it all possible. I have ridden many trails in our area over the last week and figured it would be a good time to send an appreciation note.

First, thank you to all the land owners for allowing the snowmobile trails to cross your property. None of this would be possible without you. We all greatly appreciate the opportunity to have such a well established trail system in our area to enjoy.

Thank you to all the businesses that support the club. We hope we can support you in return when we need food, parts, gas, or otherwise.

And finally, thank you to all the club members! Thank you to those that have worked on the trails throughout the year to clear brush and put up signs. The trails look great and seem to be getting lots of use. Thank you to all the groomer drivers for smoothing trails out on occasion. And thank you to all other club members that donate time or expertise to support for everything else that happens behind the scenes. Everyone’s involvement is greatly appreciated. Times like this when we have snow make it all worthwhile.

Enjoy it while the snow lasts! Get out there and ride while you can.



DNR Notice

All Polk County Snowmobile Trails are open. Per Polk County Parks Department, this does NOT include the Stower Seven Lakes Trail, which will continue to be closed to snowmobiles.

Dec 30, 2018 -Stower Trail work crew

The Stower trail work crew finished the clean up.  With a team of 15 workers from Amery Snowmobile Club and Osceola Valley SnoGoers Club. Starting at Duranda and finishing at Amery.  The cold and breezy weather did not deter our team. A lot  of cutting and brushing was needed and completed on the trail.  The following pictures captures some of the work done. We used our tractor and hay rack for cutting.

12-31-2018 (11)a

Dec 18, 2018 – Stower Trail clean up

On 12-18-2018 our club had 14 volunteers cleared more of the Stower Trail. The club has now cleared 9 miles of trail with the help of more them 36 volunteers and over 144 volunteer hours donated to trail clean up to date. Great job and thanks to our awesome volunteers. Below are some of the pictures of the clean up effort.


12-19-2018 (6)

Great work crew

12-19-2018 (9)

Walking to trail and clearing overhanging branches.

12-19-2018 (10)

Polesaws help clear branches.

12-19-2018 (2)12-19-2018 (3)

12-19-2018 (12)

We had a lot of helpful direction.