Dec 18, 2018 – Stower Trail clean up

On 12-18-2018 our club had 14 volunteers cleared more of the Stower Trail. The club has now cleared 9 miles of trail with the help of more them 36 volunteers and over 144 volunteer hours donated to trail clean up to date. Great job and thanks to our awesome volunteers. Below are some of the pictures of the clean up effort.


12-19-2018 (6)

Great work crew

12-19-2018 (9)

Walking to trail and clearing overhanging branches.

12-19-2018 (10)

Polesaws help clear branches.

12-19-2018 (2)12-19-2018 (3)

12-19-2018 (12)

We had a lot of helpful direction.

Dec 15, 2018 – Stower Trail clean up

On Dec 15, 2018 more then 20 Osceola Valley Sno-Goer volunteers cleared the Stower Trail. 2 work parties were created I only was able to take pictures of one work party but two work parties worked. Thanks to all our great volunteers that came out to work.


Meeting Minutes – September 2017



The Sept 5th 2017 meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen

Secretary’s Report

  • The Secretary’s report was read – with an amendment to include that the club approved $300 donation towards the meat for the raffle for Steve Wente, and that a donation of $100 was made to Bill Smith.

The Treasurer’s Report

  • The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved. – We are down in our yearly projections from what we budgeted so far for the year. Expenses were for new post cards with the meeting dates on the, Polk County Board of Health for our permit, and services charges on our bank statement.


  • Al has updated facebook and the Osceola Valley Sno-Goers Website, check it out.

Youth Council – nothing to report.

Council – nothing to report

Old Business:

  • Kevin McNutt is back and wants to do a section of trail, and it was decided that Ken Meyer’s section is in need of dividing up.
  • Someone needs to help Nate with his section of trail, as Steve will not be able to help him this year.
  • Meat Raffle and silent auction is set for Sept 15th starting at 6:30 at Sues Bar & Grill, with all proceeds going to help Steve with medical and housing expenses for his upcoming stem cell transplant, as he will be down there for 3 months.   Rick will get the meat from Swanks. Anyone wanting to help please contact Julie or Rick.
  • Scott Tinney presented the pictures of what the new fair building will look like. Hopefully, this will be built in the next 2 years. The original building was built around 1960-1961. It will have outside vendor areas, and they will be required to help pay rent, and will be asked to put money towards the building for their spot. The fair board is looking for donations towards the building.
  • The truck pull entrance fee is going to be $8.00, and Scott has the wristbands. We will need help for Wed night to put up the cement barriers, and orange fence, and on Monday to take them down again.

New Business:

  • Dues are due by Sept 15th, 2017. Sheri is going to send them in all at once on Oct 1st. They are going to charge us $1.50 every time we submit separately. The trail pass will be available once this is sent in, and is renewed yearly.
  • It was suggested to take a picture of the label on your magazine with your phone, so that you will always have your number for your trail pass.
  • Trip – we are talking about going to Rhinelander this year, however, nothing has been confirmed.

Next Meeting is at on Oct 3rd, 2017. This will be our election of officers!

Snowmobile Safety Course – October 2017

Wisconsin Snowmobile Safety Certification is required for any snowmobile operator born since January 1st, 1985.  The Wisconsin DNR is sponsoring a snowmobile safety certification course in Osceola in October. It’s being held at Osceola High School on Oct 23 and 26th from 6:30pm – 9:00pm. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children 12 years or older. Cost is $10. For more information and to sign up, contact Duane Wolter at 715-755-3599.

For other course offerings, go to the DNR website at

Osceola Community Fair – 2017

Check out the scene in and around our booth at the fair.  Thanks for all support of our club member volunteers and photos courtesy of member Mark Kuhl.

Meeting Minutes – February 2017

President: Eric Hallen (2017) Vice President: Rick M (2018)
Secretary: Stephanie Harling (2017), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2018)
Board of Directors:  Barb Durand (2018) Rick Leroux (2017) Charlie Greener (2017) Jeff Jonas (2017)
Trail Bosses:  West: Gordy Jones (2017), East: Kirk Larson (2017), Dresser trail: Ken Meyer(2017)
Council Reps:  Mike Tober, Ken Meyer (Alternates: Dave Peterson)

The February meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen.

The Secretaries report was read and approved

The Treasurer Report was read and approved.


Al and Maria got Friday May 19th reserved at Wandroos for our club party. There were no Saturdays available. However, after further discussion, we realized that was Osceola’s graduation, so they are going to see if they can move it to the Friday before, or any Saturday that is open before that date. Perhaps look at April 29 th , 2017.

The website is up, and he will be posting the minutes. He could use pictures if anyone has some to share. The website is – this will go directly to Al.


Kenny reported that the Youth Silent auction in March for the convention is looking for donations. We donate $150.00 each year to the Youth Group, and feel they need to take some of that money to buy something for the silent auction.

Please turn in any worksheets as soon as possible.

A snowmobile hit a tree that was down by our shelter, but was not hurt. This tree was taken care of as soon as we found out about it being down, but the snowmobile hit it before we could get out there.

Amery club built a roller out of an old culvert and is trying it out.

The Amery club is having a poker run that starts on 2/18/17 and will run thru 3 consecutive weekends.

All tractors will be serviced at the groomer shack and not at the dealer unless prior approved.

There is a calendar for sale by council.

All fuel barrels will be on wheels so that the council can bring them up to the cattail to use for the groomer up there during the summer.

Trail Boss:

Corn is off on 60th St, but because of no snow we are not going to sign it.


The safari is canceled due to lack of snow. Right now you have to go North and East to find snow. Trego, web lake area, as well as Gordon and Hayward was good.

The overnighter is scheduled for Feb 17 th , 2017 there is 4 rooms booked if anyone still wants to use them at the Danbury Casino. 1 smoking and 3 non smoking.

The Meat Raffle was a success. We made $551.00 after expenses. We did 10 rounds of meat, and 10 rounds of drinks and a 50/50 cash drawing. Thanks to all who helped.

Eric received a nice letter from the Military ride thanking us for our donation. The Veterans’ ride will be posted in the Wisconsin magazine, and we will be listed as a sponsor.

Fair Committee – we will need a covered trailer to use temporarily to put the things into from the stand while we do the recovering of the floor. We also need to look for options for a grill, and perhaps look at a catering type of grill.


Landowners Dinner is set for April 8 th . Anyone wanting to be on the committee, please let Julie know. We will be having a meeting soon. Al will take care of getting a donation from Polaris again.  A motion was made and passed to up our donations for the Landowners gift from $10.00 to $30.00 this year. This will be sent out with our invitations.

Trail Clean up is set for Saturday April 1 st , 2017

We are looking for members to perhaps take over a section of trail that is close to where they live. You would be responsible for putting the signs up, and taking them down and any cleaning that would need to be done. This would narrow down the large sections that need to be done, if everyone could take a mile or two or a section. See Kirk for this.

AWSC 48 th annual convention is in Milwaukee this year, March 24-26 th , 2017. The club gives $100 per couple to go to help cover the room expense. Al will put this information on the website for anyone wanting more information. There is a voting form for our club to vote, if no one is going, we need to send in the absentee ballot. It will be at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee, WI.

Rick will talk to Scott Carlson to see if the crop reimbursement is the same of if that has changed at all.

Next meeting is Tues. March 7 th , at Tippy Canoes at 7:30.

Meeting adjourned