Club Shelter Ride — 2014

The annual shelter ride for the club members was held on March 1, 2014.  Despite the very cold weather (0F), the turnout was good.  Many cold toes and fingers, but all who ventured out had a good time.  Thanks to everyone who brought the hot dogs, cookies, chips, water & adult beverages.  What a year — COLD and SNOW!!

First year shelter riders include:  Calvin ( Yellow jacket ), Amy ( Brown hat ) , Anna ( Pink )  & Tanner ( Safety jacket ).  Even though it was cold, the kids warmed up with the help from the group and enjoyed the day.Shelter w groomer SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Shelter members


Firewood cutting or equipment rodeo — you decide

The Snogoers got together on October 26 and re-filled the warming shelter with firewood for the winter.  If you were a first timer to this event you wouldn’t have thought this to be hard work, you would have been wowed by the turnout, camaraderie and speed at which the group of 25 participants refilled the shed.  The pictures below tell the story.20131026 Woodcutting- 7group pic 20131026 Woodcutting- 6after 20131026 Woodcutting- 5skidsteer 20131026 Woodcutting- 5equipment rodeo 20131026 Woodcutting- 5big logs2 20131026 Woodcutting- 5backhoe 20131026 Woodcutting- 3trailer fulll of wood 20131026 Woodcutting- 2big logs