Club Members we need you help

Critical Importance
CALL for action we need Your votes and support one more time to recast your vote!
****Deadline now March 9th 4:30 pm 2020****

Here we are having to keep proving ourselves yet again.
We asked you to take our poll survey and the other side namely the silent sports people would NOT BELIEVE or could not accept the numbers we generated! (We Rocked Their world!) So a Big Thank You from the motorized community in Polk County Wisconsin !!
Now we have more time to spread the word and reach even more!
So, once again, we need to come together one more time to say in one united voice, we want the SA3 option that gets our snowmobiles out of the ditches and off blacktopped roads. So we can complete the Corridor 12 railroad grade that runs west to east across Wisconsin.
Polk County Parks and Recreation have generated a multiple choice form using the platform Survey Monkey so all sides are represented in this choice.
Vote Now! And select the SA3 option on this new survey that puts snowmobiles on this 14 mile section of railroad grade. If you do not vote we all lose!
Get everyone you know to this site and vote.

To help you help us, copy and send between the lines below.
Copy and/or forward this message with the link and share by email, text, or social media to help us spread the word to every snowmobiler you know to take the survey and vote for the SA3 option in this survey to allow snowmobiles on this section of trail.
***If you do not vote we all lose!***

For more info on this visit :

Public Hearing 3-16

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