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Osceola Valley Sno-Goers

Sept 5th, 2018 at Osceola Fair Grounds

The September 5th, 2018 meeting was called to order by President Kevin McNutt.

The Secretary’s report: was read and approved by Kevin McNutt

The Treasurer’s report: was read and approved by Sherri Hoiby

Media/Marketing: Nothing to report (Al not present)

Council:  A lot of the council meeting was discussing the Gandy ride and the Stower Trail. If they buy a 9 foot drag, the county will get extra money per mile for grooming. There is still need to get some brushing done between Clear Lake and Clayton, and they are working with a Forester on that project. The ATV ride was a success with 54 units participating, and they raised $4,000 for the Battered Women’s Shelter in Milltown, WI.

Trail Boss: We need to make sure that we have easements signed, and have to get one for the new Horse Creek Store Owners. We also have to get the replacement Landowners signs done; Rick is in charge of this.

Youth Club: The next meeting is Sept 11th, at the McKenzie Lanes. The club is mostly seniors this year, so we need to get more kids involved. They are doing a float for the Osceola Parade. Reminder that the October is the snowmobile safety training.

Old Business: The club donated $300 towards the playground equipment at the Osceola Medical Center. We received a nice thank you. No firm dates are set yet, but this will be constructed next spring, due to Contractor conflicts.

The Stower Seven Lakes Trail – there was a good showing at the public hearing, however, there were not enough people that actually spoke from the motorized group, and we were outnumbered by the non-motorized people who took the mic and talked.   The Committee decided to have the leave the Cattail Trail as multi-use and added horses. The Stower Seven Lakes Trail vote was to have it non-motorized in the summer, and snowmobiles in the winter. It then went to the environmental committee, who voted the same, so the next is the Polk County Board, who can still change it. They meet on Sept 18th at 6:00 pm.

Kevin will put together a letter to use, and we can reply all, and agree to go to the Polk County Board, and Kirk will do the same for the ATV club. We need to be “United”. There is a grant available from the State Transportation Department to use to limestone it, if we have to pay the money back to use it.

Memberships are due by Oct 1st. $15 individual and $20 family. We want to send these in all at one time, as we are charged a fee each time we send them in.

They are proposing a time frame for the trail passes, and want them to expire on June 30th, and this will be voted on at the AWSC meeting that will be held in March 2019.

The Fair schedule still has some openings that we need to fill from 4:00 – 8:00 on Saturday, and after the parade. Duane will get the coolers for the pop, and the cool guys cooler for us. We are number 40 and 41 for the parade line up on Sunday.


The vintage snowmobile show will be held this year on Dec 1st (?) at Trollhaugen.

The nominating committee – is in search of replacement for Board of Directors, Vice President, and Treasurer.

The new postcards with the new dates of the meetings will be available at the fair.

Our next meeting will be held on Tues. Oct 2nd 2018 at 7:30 pm at Tippy Canoes

Notes taken by Julie McGuiggan