Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Osceola Valley Sno-Goers

April 3rd, 2018 at Sue’s Bar

President: Kevin McNutt (2019)

Vice President: Rick McGuiggan (2018)

Secretary: Stephanie Harling (2019)

Treasurer: Sherri Hoiby (2018)

Board of Directors: Barb Durand (2018), Jeff Jonas (2019), Charlie Greener (2019), Mark Kuhl (2019)

Marketing/Website/Assistant Treasurer: Al Schoenborn (2018)

Council Reps: Brad McGuiggan (2019), Eric Hallen (2019)

Trail Bosses: West- Gordy Jones, East – Kirk Larson, Dresser East – Kevin McNutt, Dresser West – Ken Meyer

Meeting called to order by President Kevin McNutt

Secretary’s report: Read and approved

Treasurer’s report: Sheri was unable to make it to the meeting.

Media/Marketing: Nothing to report.

Council Report:
Eric reported Polk County now has a website page for ATV/Snowmobile trails
Clayton to Clear Lake trail name Pineville trail
We need to mark the trails better on the lakes
Groomer’s dinner was held and the “Golden Shovel” went to our very own Kirk Johnson.

Trail Boss Report:
Gordy: We need to take down signs soon, due to the weather we are thinking the end of
April possibly first week in May. We will send out an email. Also we need to update the
Landowner’s signs.
Rick: Amery/Dresser trail will have two public meetings this summer. One in Osceola
and one in Amery. It is imperative that everyone attend that can to support our
motorized trails. This decision to be decided on by October 2018. Please help us with
this effort to open this trail up again.
Also while you are out pulling signs, please keep a lookout for any broken posts in the
fields. These can be harmful to tires, tractors, and farm equipment. Let’s make sure to
pick them up and possibly dig them out if need be.

Youth Club: The youth club is trying to get their license to sell raffle tickets. They have been given a trial run. They are holding a 50/50 raffle for a $1000.00 grand prize only 100 tickets will be sold. Tickets are $20 per ticket. Drawing will be May 7 th , no need to be present to win.  Next Youth Club (KAOS) meeting April 10th at McKenzie Lanes.

Old Business:
Kevin McNutt and son Carter attended Spring convention in Green Bay on March 24th . Kevin reported that SNARS will be mandated for next year. Trails will require GPS mapping. Amery/Dresser trail was discussed as well. Please watch for meetings in the newspaper and attend as many as you can to help support our motorized trails.
A HUGE Thank you to our Groomers!!! Thank you for AMAZING trails and ALL your time
you devoted for us! Thank you!
AMMENDMENT: March 2018 minutes should have included the club’s decision to have
only one scholarship this year in the amount of $500.

New Business:
Landowners dinner April 14th, at Wanderoos (Dinner was cancelled due to inclimate
weather.  Rescheduled as a landowner’s appreciation luncheon on Sunday
May 6th. Cocktails from noon to 1, eat at 1:00pm.)
If you have used any of your own equipment for the club, PLEASE give your hours to
your trail boss. They are tracking hours per club and the club with the most hours could
win equipment for the club.
Amery to Dresser trail was mentioned and talked about at convention. Let keep getting
the word out!
Scholarship will be handed out by Kevin McNutt Monday May 14th. We had five

Trip Committee: Nothing to report

Social Committee:
Landowners dinner April 14th, at Wanderoos (Dinner was cancelled due to inclimate
weather.  Rescheduled as a landowner’s appreciation luncheon on Sunday
May 6th. Cocktails from noon to 1, eat at 1:00pm.)
Al mentioned having the Club Spring Party May 12th at Wanderoos with food catered in.

*******Please review these committees and contact Julie McGuiggan or Suzy Wente if you are interested in volunteering. Jump in and be a part of your club we need everyone’s help and it’s a great way to get to know new people make GREAT FRIENDS!!! **********

Next Meeting: May 1st, 2018 at 7:30pm Osceola Lanes. Meeting adjourned.