Meeting Minutes – February 2018

Osceola Valley Sno-Goers

February 6th, 2018 at UW Wanderoos

President: Kevin McNutt

Vice President: Rick McGuiggan

Secretary: Stephanie Harling

Treasurer: Sherri Hoiby

Board of Directors: Barb Durand, Jeff Jonas, Charlie Greener, Mark Kuhl

Marketing/Website/Assistant Treasurer: Al Schoenborn

Council Reps: Brad McGuiggan, Eric Hallen

Trail Bosses: West- Gordy Jones, East – Kirk Larson, Dresser East – Kevin McNutt, Dresser West – Ken Meyer


The February meeting was called to order by Vice President Rick McGuiggan

The Secretary’s report was read and approved with amendment of the Club ride is on Feb. 10th and not March 10th.

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  We are right on track for our budget.  We made $776.00 after expenses from the meat raffle at UW Wanderoos, and $565.00 from the meat raffle at Sues.

Council Report:

  • They are working on a website for the county trails that are open and also information on the clubs that are in our county.
  • There is a bridge that needs to be replaced by North of Turtle Lake, so they are going to bring the bridge from the Indianhead Trail from their section that was closed to use.  This should help with the water going over the road bridge there.
  • They are looking at getting a trail marking book, so that all the clubs in the county will have the same guidelines for setting up the trails.
  • Keep track of your hours, maintenance without grooming, and the club with the most hours they are going to give away a chain saw.
  • Amery Poker run goes until Feb 17th.
  • They are working on a separate ATV map for the county this summer, and it will include all the legal roads of the township to ride.

Trail Boss;

  • Merlin Schmidt had a snowmobiler run down his driveway.  Rick went out and marked it.  We need to keep an eye on people that are not on the designated trails.
  • Trail signs – if you notice any signs missing on the trails, please let one of the trail boss’s know to get it replaced.

Youth Club – Nothing to report


  • Al posted a map of the sponsors on our website and it already got a lot of hits.   We did have one that did not get put on the map.  If there are any others, please let Al know.

Old Business:

  • The club safari ride was at Prentice – 5 rooms were booked.  This was a quick switch from Solon Springs due to lack of snow.  Thursday and Friday were good, Saturday and Sunday they headed west and they were great!
  • Perhaps look at going to Park Falls next year.
  • The meat raffles went well.  Each raffle we did 2 meats and 2 drinks, and we did 2 50/50 raffles.  Sue donated some t-shirts and hats.  Pissy also did some trivia questions that were fun for a drink.
  • The Shelter ride is this Sat Feb 10th, 2018 meet at the shelter at 9:00 am if you want to ride.  We will do a 1 ½ to 2 hour loop and be back around noon to the shelter for hot dogs and chips.  Bring what you want to drink and snacks to share.  (This was a GREAT turnout!)
  • March 23rd – 25th, is the 49th AWSC annual convention at Green Bay, I.  The club will reimburse anyone that wants to go $100 towards your room.  You also will be our voting member.

New Business:

  • We welcome Kevin Anderson who is a new member, and we have Doug Johnson here tonight who is a past AWSC president, and also was our voting delegate for several years at the AWSC convention.  Welcome!
  • Landowners Dinner – we will have the Landowners dinner this year, and it will be held at UW Wanderoos Outback on Sat. April 10th, 2017.  We may ask them to RSVP this year, as the show of landowners has been very small in the past.  Stay tuned for Committee Meeting to plan this.

Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting is Tues March 6th, 2018 at Woodhill in Dresser, WI

Meeting notes taken by : Julie McGuiggan for Stephanie Harling

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