Meeting Minutes – January 2018

Osceola Valley Sno-Goers

President:  Kevin McNutt (2019), Vice President:  Rick McGuiggan (2018)

Secretary:  Stephanie Harling (2019), Treasurer:  Sheri Hoiby (2018)

Board of Directors:  Barb Durand (2018), Mark Kuhl (2019),

Charlie Greener (2019), Jeff Jonas (2019)

Media/Marketing:  Al Schoenborn

Trail Bosses:  West- Gordy Jones, East- Kirk Larson,

Dresser West- Ken Meyer, Dresser East- Kevin McNutt

Council Reps:  Brad McGuiggan (2019), Eric Hallen (2019)


Meeting called to order by President Kevin McNutt

Secretary’s report:  Read and approved

Treasurer’s report: Read and approved

Media/Marketing:  Nothing to report.

Council Report:  Brad McGuiggan reported Gandy Dancer and Cattail trails opened this week.

Trail Boss Report:

Gordy: Make sure to turn your time in to the trail bosses.  The swamp area is needing some attention, Gordy needs help getting this cleared, please contact him if you can help.  Also please watch if signs are down on the trail, or if signs need to be replaced.

Youth Club:  Nothing to report

Old Business:  

  • New resolution adopted, those that do not own snowmobiles but donate their time should receive a free membership.
  • Please check Landowner signs if they are damaged or need replaced.
  • Reimbursement for liability insurance.

New Business:

  • Cattail and Gandy Dancer are OPEN!!!
  • Membership dues need to be paid to Sheri.
  • We have had some requests from businesses to advertise on our website.  More discussion to follow.  Businesses that have paid to advertise on the map we will list their businesses as trail sponsors on our web-site.
  • MEAT RAFFLE JANUARY 19th at 6pm WANDEROOS!!!!  We need help with this event please take some time to come help out the club.  Thank you…
  • MEAT RAFFLE Februaray 2nd at 6pm Sue’s Bar and Grill (This is the Busch Challenge weekend) We will need some help with this event as well.  This one could be a huge one for us!  Please come out and support your club, volunteer to help and also COME HAVE FUN!
  • Snow, we need snow

Trip Committee:  

  • CLUB SAFARI  Jan 26-27 at Solon Springs 15 rooms have been blocked under Osceola Sno-Goers
  • Rooms facing roadside @87.90 per night
  • Rooms facing lakeside @119.90 per night Anyone who would like to come early (Thursday) or stay Sunday those nights are $60/each
  • To reserve your room, call 715-378-4444 make sure to reference the club’s name to get the discounted price.
  • More about the overnighter at next meeting.

Social Committee:  PRAY FOR SNOW!!!!!

  • March 10th  is our shelter ride.

Fair Committee:  Nothing to report

Landowners Dinner:  Nothing to report

*******Please review these committees and contact Julie McGuiggan or Suzy Wente if you are interested in volunteering.  Jump in and be a part of your club we need everyone’s help and it’s a great way to get to know new people make GREAT FRIENDS!!! **********

Next Meeting February 6th, 2018 at UW Wanderoos

Meeting adjourned.

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