Meeting Minutes – November 2017

Osceola Valley Sno-Goers

President: Kevin McNutt (2019), Vice President:  Rick McGuiggan (2018)

Secretary:  Stephanie Harling (2019), Treasurer:  Sheri Hoiby (2018)

Board of Directors:  Barb Durand (2018), Mark Kuhl (2019),

Charlie Greener (2019), Jeff Jonas (2019)

Trail Bosses:  West- Gordy Jones, East- Kirk Larson, Dresser- Ken Meyer/Kevin McNutt

Council Reps:  Brad McGuiggan, Eric Hallen (alternate)

The November 7th, 2018 meeting was called to order by President Kevin McNutt.

The Secretary’s report: was read and approved.

The Treasurer’s report: was read and approved.

Media and Marketing: It was suggested to send pics of the youth snowmobile class to the paper and to post on our website and Facebook page.

Council: Eric Hallen reported:

  • The county purchased a 3-pt brush mower.
  • Rates for trails assistance have gone up to $300.00 per mile.  PLEASE keep track of your hours, anyone using the groomer, ATV’s etc. to help with trail grooming please turn them in.
  • SCORP for recording time, AWSC report for volunteer time.
  • Stower Seven Lakes Trail is still in Limbo.
  • Most county roads open as ATV routes.  Check with each township for ATV routes.
  • Polk County is looking for an ATV Liaison; Highway meetings are once a year.  This person would be the voice for the ATV group.  If interested please notify Eric Hallen.

Trail Bosses:  November 11th we will be meeting to place the trail signs.  Gordy is meeting at Sue’s at 8AM, Ken is meeting at Trollhaugen gravel pit at 9am, and Kevin is meeting at 9am

Youth Club:  Youth club placed signs from Centuria to Balsam Lake.  Next Youth meeting will be November 14th at McKenzie Lanes.

28 youth turned out for the youth snowmobile safety class.  A HUGE Thank You to Duane Wolter for helping with the class.

Old Business:  

  • New Positions:

President: Kevin McNutt

Secretary: Stephanie Harling

Board of Directors: Mark Kuhl

Council Reps:  Brad McGuiggan and Eric Hallen

A HUGE Thank you to all who give their time for our club.  Thank you for taking the positions.

  • The letter to the Fair board was sent out, notifying then of our decision to not do the truck pulls next year.
  • Kevin went to the Stower trail meeting.  He reported that 12 to 3 are in favor of the trail and for multi-use of the trail.  However the question is who is going to manage the trail?  Comments were the public is heavily in favor and emails, letters and meeting attendance has shown that.  Thanks to everyone who has help to support the trail.

New Business:

  • Meeting times were discussed, possibly changing time from 7:30pm to 7:00pm, more to come.
  • Al had mentioned that the last 2 years we have had a spring party due to no snow.  Do we want to continue having the party?  We will re-visit more near spring.
  • Sheri reported the budget for the year Nov. 1st 2017 to Oct. 31st 2018.  Club has decided not to do the truck pulls so we need to look at expenses.  We will still be doing food booths at the fair.  Discussed doing some meat raffles.  More to come.
  • Budget was approved.

Trip Committee:  Danbury had a fire.  We are looking for someplace to go for our overnighter trip.  Any suggestions?

Social Committee:  Spring Fling party.  Club voted to pay for own drinks if budget did not allow, but club would like to still do the party in the spring.

Meeting was adjourned.


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