Meeting Minutes – September 2017



The Sept 5th 2017 meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen

Secretary’s Report

  • The Secretary’s report was read – with an amendment to include that the club approved $300 donation towards the meat for the raffle for Steve Wente, and that a donation of $100 was made to Bill Smith.

The Treasurer’s Report

  • The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved. – We are down in our yearly projections from what we budgeted so far for the year. Expenses were for new post cards with the meeting dates on the, Polk County Board of Health for our permit, and services charges on our bank statement.


  • Al has updated facebook and the Osceola Valley Sno-Goers Website, check it out.

Youth Council – nothing to report.

Council – nothing to report

Old Business:

  • Kevin McNutt is back and wants to do a section of trail, and it was decided that Ken Meyer’s section is in need of dividing up.
  • Someone needs to help Nate with his section of trail, as Steve will not be able to help him this year.
  • Meat Raffle and silent auction is set for Sept 15th starting at 6:30 at Sues Bar & Grill, with all proceeds going to help Steve with medical and housing expenses for his upcoming stem cell transplant, as he will be down there for 3 months.   Rick will get the meat from Swanks. Anyone wanting to help please contact Julie or Rick.
  • Scott Tinney presented the pictures of what the new fair building will look like. Hopefully, this will be built in the next 2 years. The original building was built around 1960-1961. It will have outside vendor areas, and they will be required to help pay rent, and will be asked to put money towards the building for their spot. The fair board is looking for donations towards the building.
  • The truck pull entrance fee is going to be $8.00, and Scott has the wristbands. We will need help for Wed night to put up the cement barriers, and orange fence, and on Monday to take them down again.

New Business:

  • Dues are due by Sept 15th, 2017. Sheri is going to send them in all at once on Oct 1st. They are going to charge us $1.50 every time we submit separately. The trail pass will be available once this is sent in, and is renewed yearly.
  • It was suggested to take a picture of the label on your magazine with your phone, so that you will always have your number for your trail pass.
  • Trip – we are talking about going to Rhinelander this year, however, nothing has been confirmed.

Next Meeting is at on Oct 3rd, 2017. This will be our election of officers!

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