Meeting Minutes – August 2017


President: Eric Hallen (2017) Vice President: Rick McGuiggan (2018)

Secretary: Stephanie Harling (2017), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2018)

Board of Directors:  Barb Durand (2018) Rick Leroux (2017) Charlie Greener (2017) Jeff Jonas (2017)

  Trail Bosses:  West: Gordy Jones (2017), East: Kirk Larson (2017), Dresser trail: Ken Meyer (2017)

Council Reps:  Mike Tober, Ken Meyer (Alternates: Dave Peterson)


The August 2nd, 2017 meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen.

The Secretary’s report: was read and approved

The Treasurer’s Report: was read and approved

Marketing: If you have any pictures and or announcements to share, send to Al at

 Council: Nothing to report. Meetings to begin in September.

Youth Club: Nothing to report

Trail Boss:

  • Gordy: Recheck trails after the storm for any downed trees and debris.
  • Rick: Brushing to be done by the gravel pit and by Trollhaugen.

Old Business:

  • Trail passes available July 1st. Please submit all membership renewal fees by September 15th as we would like to send them off all at once. We will be fined for late passes.
  • Positions in the club are coming up for election. The President, Secretary and 3 Board of Directors are up for election. Please think about volunteering for a position as this helps the member learn more about the club as well as allowing for new ideas.

New Business:

  • The fair board has increased their fees to 15% of our gross income for the fair booth etc. This new increase is for a new building and new lean-tos for church food booths.
  • The sign-up sheet is available for the fair shifts. The Osceola fair is September 8th thru the 10th. We need lots of help on Friday night and Saturday night. Please think about volunteering for the fair, this is a great way to get to know the members and help your club.
  • GREAT JOB ON THE STOWER TRAIL!!!!! Keep those emails going and attend all meetings possible. Let them know we WANT this.
  • August 10th at 6:30 pm we will be fixing the floor at the fair booth. Jeff Jonas has donated the epoxy for us to get this taken care of. A HUGE thank you to Jeff for helping the club out. Please come out and help if possible.
  • Friday, September 15th the club will be having a meat raffle at Sue’s Bar and Grill. This meat raffle is for Steve Wente. They are headed to Rochester for his cancer treatments. Let’s get the word out and help support our member.
  • The DNR sent out a letter for recreation opportunity analysis. This is a town hall meeting Tuesday August 29th 4pm to 7pm at The Lodge at Crooked Lake in Siren, WI address is 24271 Hwy 35 N. This is for public interest in the trail system and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Fair Committee:

Barb just asks that we sign up and volunteer at the fair. This is a fun time to sign up come out and have some fun with us.

Landowner’s Dinner:

We are thinking of possibly doing the dinner at Wanderoos next year. More to come in February.

Trip Committee:

Possibly considering Rhinelander for the trip this year depending on how much snow we get. Will talk more in October.

Nominating committee: 

Several positions open next year if interested contact Eric or Rick


Next meeting Tuesday September 5th at the Osceola fair booth (Oakey Park).

Meeting adjourned


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