Meeting Minutes – April 2017


President: Eric Hallen (2017), Vice President: Rick McGuiggan (2018)

Secretary: Stephanie Harling (2017), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2018)

Board of Directors:  Barb Durand (2018) Rick Leroux (2017) Charlie Greener (2017) Jeff Jonas (2017)

Trail Bosses:  West: Gordy Jones (2017), East: Kirk Larson (2017), Dresser trail: Ken Meyer (2017)

Council Reps:  Mike Tober, Ken Meyer (Alternates: Dave Peterson)


The April 4th, 2017 meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen.

The Secretary’s report was read and approved

Marketing:  If you have any pictures to share send to Al at


  • Governors ride, no snow rented a bus
  • Brushing of trails
  • Re-route of trails must be done by July 1st.
  • Redoing maps this year.

Youth Club: nothing to report

Trail Boss: 

  • Gordy: 2 new land owners, received easements
  • Make sure to get your hours turned in for trail closing.  They need to be in ASAP.

Old Business:  

  • Trails closed April 1st
  • Landowners dinner April 8th, 2017 at Potting’s 6pm to 7pm happy hour.  Dinner will be served at 7pm

New Business:

  • Need salads for the landowner’s dinner
  • Please see trail bosses for the sections of land they need help with.  Trail bosses could use the help.
  • Spring Club party 4pm at Sue’s Bar and Grill, 2 drink tickets, cannot bring homemade item, must be store bought due to food permit.
  • Dick Hoppy said he would help with the groomer the box for the chainsaw
  • Al and Ken have volunteered to pass out Scholarships.  $500 a person (X 2).


Fair Committee: Meeting in July.

Landowner’s Dinner:  April 8th, Potting’s.  Social hour is at 6pm to 7pm and 7pm is dinner. Kentucky Fried Chicken is on the menu with mash potatoes and salads.  Please bring a dessert or salad.  Entertainment this year.

Trip Committee:  Possibly Rhinelander for the trip next year.

Nominating committee: several positions open next year if interested contact Eric or Rick

Next meeting May 2nd at Osceola Bowling alley

Meeting adjourned

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