Meeting Minutes – December 2016


President: Eric Hallen (2017) Vice President: Rick McGuiggan (2018)

Secretary: Stephanie Harling (2017), Treasurer: Sheri Hoiby (2018)

Board of Directors:  Barb Durand (2018) Rick Leroux (2017) Charlie Greener (2017) Jeff Jonas (2017)

Trail Bosses:  West: Gordy Jones (2017), East: Kirk Larson (2017), Dresser trail: Ken Meyer(2017)

Council Reps:  Mike Taber, Ken Meyer (Alternates: Dave Peterson)

 The December 6th Meeting was called to order by President Eric Hallen

The Secretary’s report was read and approved

The Treasurers report was read and approved.


  • DNR inspected the Cattail trail and they were very pleased.
  • DNR would like all counties to have their trail GPS’d by April 2018
  • DNR has a new program called SNARS (Snowmobile Automated Reporting System) this is for the maintenance logs and grooming logs.  This year will be a trial run, will be required next year.
  • If you get a groomer stuck in a swamp this year PLEASE DO NOT POST PICS on social media or on the internet.
  • Council would like a rough draft of a groomers schedule turned in.
  • Council would like the Gandy Dancer Trail groomed every Friday and Saturday from St. Croix Falls to the county line.
  • At the next council meeting they would like to discuss amending so that each club will be allowed to have a junior council delegate.
  • NO ATV use this winter, next winter ATV will be allowed on frozen ground.

Youth Club:

  • Nothing to report, except they still meet at McKenzie Lanes the 2nd Monday of every month.

Trail Boss: 

  • Times and hours for trail work need to be turned in.
  • Trail 43 has new landowners.
  • With the recent winds and weather check trails for fallen signs etc.

New Business:

  • The AWSC has asked that everything is in by August next year.  This will alleviate the surge in the late fall.
  • A lot of corn is still in the fields, please talk with your landowners about clearing enough for the trail.
  • It was discussed about carrying a chainsaw in the groomer.  It was mentioned to purchase a chainsaw costing no more than $250, and club approved.
  • Meat raffle will be the 1st Friday in February, $300 in meat will be purchased.  Help is needed with the raffle, please.  It will be held at Sue’s Bar and Grill
  • Discussion about the floor in the fair booth. Greg has some epoxy we need help to get this done.  If someone with an enclosed trailer could help with this we would greatly appreciate it.

Media and Marketing: Al Schoenborn has been granted permission for the web-site and facebook to upload your submitted photos and events.

Trip Committee: Club SAFARI Solon Springs at the St. Croix Inn Friday Jan. 27th –Jan. 29th, 2017

  • 15 rooms have been blocked for the weekend.
  • 1 room is a King, 14 rooms are double bed rooms
  • Where: St. Croix Inn,  11390 S 5th St E, Solon Springs, WI 54873
  • Phone: (715) 378-4444
  • Rate is road side $82/night
  • Lake side room is $92/night

If you would like to stay Thursday or Sunday (extend the stay) $65/night

  • Call to book your room under your name, reference the Osceola SnoGoers group reservation.
  • THINK SNOW!  Let’s FILL THE INN, the riding area is terrific, parking lot sizable for trailers and the owners are very friendly.

Social Committee:  Shack ride in February to be determined. Valentine weekend ride was discussed as well also to be determined.  Club party in the spring at Wanderoos was discussed as well.

Fair Committee: Nothing to report

Landowners Dinner: Club decided to have the dinner at Pottings again in April.  We really need volunteers for this committee.  Please look and see if this would be something you could help put with.

Next Meeting will be on Tues. January 3th at Pottings Bar at 7:30 pm

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